Riding With Rebel Cab Companies Fat Taxi and RedCar

These businesses and ones like them are threatening OC's traditional taxi industry

In April, RedCar launched its Safe Rides service, which drives customers home in their own cars. It's a popular alternative to taxis due to price and convenience. "I see the No. 1 reason why people drink and drive is because they don't want to leave their car at the bar and get towed," Kresimir says. "And then they have to take another cab to their car in the morning. We're giving them attractive alternatives."

Safe Rides is currently on hiatus while the company focuses on building the Town Car service and launching the app. Gio, consultant for RedCar, explains the app will find a customer's location and call the nearest car with the press of a button. Users will see where the driver is in real time on a map and be able to communicate with the driver via text on the app.

"Me being a cab user, I've been stuck in the cold in front of Harbor House, wondering where my cab is," Kresimir says. "And then when you call, the dispatcher's rude. To be able to see where the cab is in real time is awesome."

Fat Taxi will get you there safely for less
Riley Kern
Fat Taxi will get you there safely for less
Fat Taxi has become a fixture in 
Huntington Beach’s nightlife scene
Riley Kern
Fat Taxi has become a fixture in Huntington Beach’s nightlife scene

Users can create profiles and even a music playlist the driver can play during the ride. Customers can rate the driver on the app after being dropped off. It'll also have reviewable profiles for local bars and restaurants that people may want to get a ride to.

"It's first-hand, user-driven recommendations for Orange County," Gio says. "It's meant not only to service clients, but also as a resource for small, local businesses—and it's good to partner with them because we're all intertwined."

Ultimately, RedCar wants to go against the grain of the traditional taxi industry, Gio says. "Having a good-looking, energetic staff is the business model we want to have."

Kresimir says RedCar's priority is overwhelming, over-the-top customer service. "Our goal is to reinvent the business," he says. "We need to change how things are being done."

Funny thing is, Ace at Fat Taxi says it's the fact the service hasn't changed in 40 years that has kept people coming back.

"We're just operating how we were taught 40 years ago," Ace says. "If the industry hadn't changed and everyone still worked like that, Tiny and I wouldn't stand out at all."

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Do u believe what williams rouse is saying.let me tell u that man is the most crook person in this world.he thought he had it everything under control.he own all the taxi company in los angeles but under diferent name .williams rouse u are fullshit

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

If the government wasnt running a monopoly supported by unions then THESE "ALTERNATIVEs" would stand a better chance

HOW CAN THEY GET THE PROPER COVERAGE ETC when they dont belong to the  union/monopoly ??!!??

So as you can see its the government NOT DOING ITS JOB OF BEING AN UNBIASED 3RG PARTY

but instead wielding its "bruthaly love" as long as you $$$submit to Dem


Ridesharing taxi apps market themselves as quirky and cool. But there’s nothing cool about taking advantage of young people hard up for work and cash.

By riding in them, young passengers give up liability protection they should receive from a taxi. Many may be too young to appreciate how important this is.

Ridesharing drivers place themselves at the risk of a lawsuit which could haunt the rest of their lives. They work for companies with the audacity to lie straight-faced to government regulators. What do they imagine is going to happen if they cause an accident and kill someone on the job?


We've been using Ace for years - he and his guys get the job done!

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