Drake, who shares a workspace with Strouse, likens making juice to being a bartender. "You can buy all your FDA-approved ingredients for a cocktail at the store, but then what good is it if you make the drink in a dirty bar? It's common sense," he says. "You don't need a million-dollar facility to create a good product—just don't make it in your bathtub!"

Even though most vapers are against the bill, the degree of their animosity toward it varies. Davey, Drake and Strouse say they aren't too worried because they don't see an issue with limiting the places where people can vape, and Shaeffer and others think it could be a detriment to the whole cause. But they're all nervous about how far government oversight will go.

"Vapers will be forced out into the smoking section, where they'll be getting secondhand," Shaeffer says, "and being surrounded by it could make it harder to quit."

Bob Aul

The stress in Shaeffer's voice is palpable. "I've had people come in on oxygen who said their doctor told them they had to quit today. But I think a lot of nonsmokers have this quit-or-die attitude. They don't realize how many lives e-cigarettes can save."

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tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

Senate Bill 648, which seeks to classify e-cigarettes as a regular ol' tobacco product, which will mean no more vaping indoors, in passenger vehicles, within 20 feet of an exit, or within 25 feet of a playground or sandbox. The bill passed the state Senate 21 to 10, and now awaits an Assembly vote.

No more smoking in passenger vehicles even if you own the car that you're driving?

 Hell the exhaust of the car blows more vapors into the air than the vapor cigarette does. 

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

The Governemtnt is the problem because they want to regulate what you do.


"Vaping" means something completely different to many.


@Berto Yeah, but if you smoke pot out of a vaporizer no one labels you a vaper.