This sentiment probably explains how Cera has credits spanning film, television, online media and even music, singing in his films and contributing to various bands. He jokingly adds, "And children. . . . My sister's got a little 2-year-old. We get along, so I consider that a medium." Although, so far, his niece can't really watch anything he's been in. But he hopes that won't always be the case. "I would love to do Pixar. . . . They're some of my favorite movies being made."

Cera in Crystal Fairy
Cera in Crystal Fairy

But Cera is proving that he is quite the storyteller on his own. When given the same classic challenge posed to Ernest Hemingway to write a story in six words (Hemingway's was "For sale: baby shoes, never used"), Cera comes up with one in seconds. "Okay, mine is [a] Craigslist missed connection ad: 'Do you remember me from yesterday?'" he says. "You have to give it time. It's topical. It's generational." Appropriate, as one could apply these descriptions to Cera himself.

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