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[Hey, You!] I've had enough now, thanks

Bob Aul


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You are the good Christian who littered my OC Weekly with your pamphlet. Stop that. You took the time to go through every copy in the stack, determined that I need my soul saved because I read this newspaper. I didn't care that there were ads for strip clubs and escorts on page 51; I just wanted to read my horoscope. Religion is a personal issue with me, and I don't have to believe in what you believe in. I am spiritual, and I know right from wrong. I do enjoy the OC Weekly for its variety and interesting articles. I see you trying to give me this stuff on the streets, by stores, even at my door. I tell you the same thing in a polite tone: "No, thank you." Please respect my freedom of religion by not trying to shove yours down my throat every opportunity you get. I respect yours and what you believe in, and I expect to be treated the same.

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THANK YOU!!! please write more op eds for the NTimes, they're in desperate need for more people like you. My sexual abuse, and assault both involved people in power in churches. The christian presence here in the valley is unreal, and they feel the need to cram it down your throat on every corner. They even got two Planned Parenthoods shut down because of their bigoted morals. 

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