Anger Mismanagement

[Hey, You!] Next time you try to shove your girlfriend, you might not get away

Bob Aul


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You were the guy fighting with your girlfriend outside the 7-Eleven at Brookhurst and Stanford in Garden Grove. You thought you were a big man when you shoved her into the side of your car after she made a small remark. I usually find it is morons with no brains who get physical when they can't think of a clever retort. I was the guy who stepped between the two of you when you went to grab her throat. I told you to call an ambulance for yourself, then try to shove and grab me. You dropped your keys and ran. Your significant other picked up the keys, thanked me, then drove off in the opposite direction. In case you didn't learn your lesson that night, only chickenshit used tampons such as yourself hit women. Grow up. Next time it happens, you might not get to run away.

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Get license numbers and call the fuzz!

Unless the individual is in danger of being seriously injured - or worse, call the cops and get a description.

You don't know what it was about - or why. He coulda' been packin' a blade or heat, and then what'd you have?

You'd be on the ground in a puddle of your own blood!

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Next time you see this happening to anyone after stepping between the thug and victim instead of fighting him call the cops. This domestic violence and always needs to be reported right away.

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