Biker Down!

[Hey, You!] A violation of the golden rule of bikelandia

Bob Aul


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You were the three bicyclists who left my friend on the curb after crashing into her! It happened on Mother's Day on the sidewalk to the bridge on Hamilton Avenue by the detour on the Santa Ana River Trail. You gave her some ice, then went on your merry way. A Good Samaritan came by and drove her back to her car. She drove herself to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a fractured patella and multiple contusions. You broke the unwritten code of biking: Never leave a rider down.

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Unfortunately we have assholes out there.  On behalf of all conscientious cyclists, I apologize


Over the years I've noticed that the vast majority of bicyclists are rude and inconsiderate.

It's little wonder that there have been incidents where individuals in motor vehicles have gone out of their way to run some of these creeps off the road!

And to see that they don't even give a damn about their "own" doesn't surprise me in the least!

Thank goodness for the good sam.

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