1999: During a 1999 CIF boys' basketball play-off game at Savanna against the visiting Compton High Tarbabes, school officials cover up the Confederate flags in Savanna's gym. Savanna students and alumni complain. Also: The black caucus of the American Association of Higher Education, citing OC's anti-black past, announce it will boycott the group's 2000 convention because it's planned for Anaheim. "We looked at Anaheim and its historical nonacceptance of folks of color," said the caucus' president, "and we don't want to feed that local economy." Critics dismiss such concerns as "silly tactics."

2008: Hip-hop superstar Questlove tells Rolling Stone that Orange County law-enforcement officers frisked him on the hood of his rental car and put him in a squad car because they claimed he matched the profile of someone who had been stealing Mini-Coopers from local dealerships. He was eventually released, feeling "livid and angry and helpless and about to lose my head."

2009: Los Alamitos mayor Dean Grose forwards an email showing a watermelon patch growing outside the White House. He claims it's not racist.

2011: Orange County GOP Central Committee member Marilyn Davenport forwards an email depicting President Barack Obama as a baby chimpanzee. She claims it's not racist. Thalia Surf Shop in Laguna Beach offers an MLK Day special: 50 percent off all black items! The shop claims it's not racist. A Corona del Mar restaurant is sued because an African-American customer received receipts that labeled him "McStinkynigger" and "McNigshit." It claims it's not racist. And for MLK Day, a UC Irvine cafeteria serves fried chicken and waffles.

2012: An African-American couple—both in law enforcement—move out of Yorba Linda after the family suffers a year of racist abuse. Neighbors tell the media they don't know what the couple was talking about.

2013: An African-American family from San Diego sues Disneyland, claiming the park's White Rabbit character would hug all children except black ones. During CBS's coverage of the NCAA Sweet 16 tournament, former Tustin High basketball star Doug Gottlieb announces on air that he was there to bring the "white man's perspective" to an otherwise-all-black panel. Also: Videos emerge of Asian-American fraternity members at UCI wearing blackface. Hilarity ensues.

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