Christian Conservatives Confront the Anti-Christ in Newport Beach

[Moxley Confidential] Surprise, surprise! Old, white Republicans battle abortion, gays, Boy Scouts and Barack Obama's 'evil'

As evidence, Sheldon said that Andrew Sullivan—a man he calls the "homosexual editor of The New Republic," though Sullivan stopped working there 17 years ago—"made it very clear" that gays don't really want marriage or domestic partnerships, but rather "to deconstruct the heterosexual ethic."

What to do?

"If we don't come to the clear realization that if we don't take a clear, activist stance, then they are just simply going to push us around until we come back with rationale and energy," explained Sheldon, who called California's 1976 decision to decriminalize sodomy the regretful beginning of a slippery slope in which straight people "give an inch" and gays "take a mile."

Jensen: The angriest little Boy Scout
Jack Gould
Jensen: The angriest little Boy Scout
Sheldon (left) and Spitzer: Men of the cloth
Jack Gould
Sheldon (left) and Spitzer: Men of the cloth


The motivation to be "the restraining force" against additional gay assimilation into mainstream American society is, Sheldon said, noble because every human is naturally heterosexual. He also declared that same-sex preference is an "environmental" creation worthy of discrimination and a condition that can be corrected by reparative therapy. He guaranteed, "You can come out of it."

Jann Dunlap, Bill's wife who doesn't hate the government so much that she'll refuse to grab taxpayer funds to preach her Biblical views on sex, gave concluding remarks at the conference. She argued that Planned Parenthood's espousal of "safe abortions" is a lie, and she urged people to not buy Pepsi products because the company supposedly supports abortion rights. She claimed abortion clinics in California "have no regulations [and] no restrictions on timing," while churches must comply with an oppressive list of government rules.

"It's disheartening sometimes," she moaned. "There are days I don't even want to get out of bed because this fight is so hard."

Dunlap explained that education is the key for getting the government to make law out of scripture. She then congratulated politicians in Alabama, one of the most uneducated populaces in the nation, for trying to ban abortion in every instance, including when pregnancy resulted from a rape. Alas, she advised, it's ultimately okay if Christians fail to get California to follow Alabama's righteous lead.

Dunlap said confidently, "We do have our treasures in heaven."

[1] In the original article, we reported that Paul Jensen said "straight sex" is in danger of surviving because of homosexuals. Jensen never said "straight sex." We regret the error. In addition, Jensen also claims that we misinterpreted his speech to make him out to be a nasty homophobe. As we showed in our story, Jensen made clear numerous times in his speech that in a culture with increasing acceptance of homosexuals, he fears young, "morally straight [and] clean" Scouts will be influenced, if not sexually corrupted, by future predatory, gay, adult Scout leaders--hence, his opposition to gay Scouts or Scouts leaders. Readers can make up their own mind by watching Jensen's speech at

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