"Yeah, and no sideburns."

The conversation turns more casual. "I'ma be gone on the 31st," the barber says.

"That's my orientation. I got that gig," Baker replies.

Dotson (in a white T-shirt) with his crew
Dustin Ames
Dotson (in a white T-shirt) with his crew
An A-Unique work of art
Dustin Ames
An A-Unique work of art

"Didn't I tell you a haircut will get you a job?" Spence says to no one in particular.

"Where you going?" Baker asks.

"Hawaii. I wanna wake up and have nothing to do. That's what vacation is. It's what you don't do!"

More people enter the barbershop, and one-on-one conversations fade into a larger discussion on the NBA play-offs, with everyone chiming in. "Who your team, brother, 'cause I hear you over there," Spence asks a customer in a chair toward the back.

"Uh, Lakers," he responds.

A collective groan lets out. "You mean the dysfunctional family?" a man on the sofa says and snickers.

"'[Former owner Jerry] Buss is dead; we good now,' you said? His son is gonna fuck it up!"

The back-and-forth exchanges rage on for more than half an hour. "I definitely think it's more than just haircuts," Dotson explains of the vibe at A-Unique. "We'll lift somebody's day up."

And they can get you lucky, too, gents. "We definitely do that!" Dotson says. "You gonna get some pussy off my hair cuts, fo' sho'!"

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