Fantasy Bluthball: We Draft Locals for Arrested Development Roles

Matching A.D. socialites to real OC socialites

Similarities: Both resemble G. Gordon Liddy, or at least former baldy Koontz did before he got a hair transplant. Tobias repeatedly denies he's gay ("Why does everyone keep saying that?"). Koontz repeatedly denies he's liberal. Tobias is now a struggling actor. Koontz has acted as though he's David Axton, Leigh Nichols, Brian Coffey and a bunch of other names he has penned works under.

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Real A.D.: Maeby Fünke
Character: Biological daughter of Lindsay and Tobias Fünke. Accomplished con artist. George Michael has the hots for Maeby, his cousin. Maeby has the hots for Steve Holt, also her cousin.

Real OC: Christina Schuller
Description: Biological daughter of Donna and Robert A. Schuller, the only son of Crystal Cathedral Ministries founder Robert H. Schuller. Appeared on season one of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. OhNoTheyDidn't! described her as "the cross-eyed bitch who didn't invite Lauren and Lo to her [birthday party], which resulted in her awkwardly facing Lo's passive-aggressive interrogation at that nail salon."

Similarities: Maeby's alter ego, Surely Fünke, a wheelchair-bound girl suffering from a disease called BS, solicits money from rubes. The Schuller family's bankrupt Crystal Cathedral Ministries solicits money from rubes. Maeby conned her way into being a movie executive. Christina got a Broadway audition that left listeners with earaches before pursuing stardom in LA and fading into obscurity.

*     *     *

Real A.D.: George Michael Bluth
Character: Shy, reserved and responsible son of Michael Bluth. The younger Bluth strives for a normal life and, to that end, finds excuses to justify his family members' self-centered shenanigans. Works at the family banana stand.

Real OC: Jonah Mowry
Description: Shy, reserved and responsible Lake Forest teen. Came out to parents the night after he posted a video on YouTube to stop the constant bullying he faced. The then-eighth-grader strived for a normal life. Works as a national advocate.

Similarities: In his video, Jonah stares directly into his webcam, crying, as the Sia song "Breathe Me" plays and he holds up index cards revealing the horrible things he'd experienced. In his own video, George Michael swings a stick in his garage as though it's a Star Wars light saber, suffering embarrassment when it's shown to everyone at his school. Both videos went viral.

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