Patton Oswalt

Irvine Improv

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Irvine Improv

71 Fortune Drive, Ste. 841
Irvine, CA 92618

Category: Theaters

Region: Irvine

We’d say Patton Oswalt is the Jonathen Lethem of comedy right now, but we like Oswalt better than Lethem—he’s a polymath for the Polybius set who can knock out an essay that’s as heartfelt as it is hilarious and a connoisseur of geek/freak culture who just commissioned a ripping set of Russ Meyer-meets-George Lucas Star Wars action figures. Ah, and, of course, the comedy. He’s the star of Ratatouille, the guy on other side of a split 7” with sludge-punkers the Melvins, the founder of the Comedians of Comedy tour, and (with David Cross) an alumnus of Sub Pop Records. And he’s since graduated to colossal awesome things in the wider world. Surely, you’ll be able to blow someone’s mind one day with the story of how you saw him at the Irvine Improv.
Mon., May 6; Tue., May 7, 2013