Judge Tosses Out Businessman's Defamation Lawsuit Involving Weekly

[Moxley Confidential] And other courthouse news including how lying Fullerton cops tricked a jury

Using the deep voice of a movie-trailer announcer and the cadence of a Baptist preacher a week away from paying rent, Rothans argued that despite police errors (and there were many), the cops acted "reasonably." He dared jurors to compare the credibility of Mam, who was found innocent in 2012 of all of the criminal charges filed against him, to the officers, who tried to send the innocent man to prison—and still don't seem the least bit regretful.

As did Fox, Rothans also tied the Fullerton cops in this case to the "first responders" in Boston, who are "special folks" who run toward explosions.

U.S. District Court Judge Josephine Staton Tucker eventually told the jurors to disregard references to both Tiananmen Square and the Boston bombing.


Having covered notoriously pro-cop Orange County juries for nearly two decades, I knew what the two cop lawyers from Los Angeles might not have fully appreciated until today: They really didn't need to break a sweat. This is, after all, a county in which law-enforcement officers can stand feet away from a pretrial inmate being viciously beaten to death for 30 or 40 minutes by a massive group of fellow inmates, absurdly claim they saw and heard nothing, and escape any legal culpability.

This is also the place where a jury let a patrol cop get away with ejaculating on a woman's blouse during a late-night, illegal traffic stop. (See "Illegally Park-ed," Feb. 8, 2007.)

A subdued Mam didn't look too pleased by the verdict. He declined to comment. But Hampton—the cop accused of attacking him for the filming—happily hummed in the hallway inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse.

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Tony Rackauckas' Orange County district attorney's office is holding its Fifth Annual Victims' Rights March & Rally in Santa Ana on Friday. The event begins with a 9:30 a.m. reception at the DA's headquarters, followed by a 10:30 a.m. march to the Old Orange County Courthouse and an 11 a.m. rally. Speakers will include victims'-rights advocates Dr. Henry Nicholas III and Rachel Alvarado, who is raising her murdered daughter's two young children.

The first two items were originally published April 22, 2013, on the Weekly's news blog, Navel Gazing.

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tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

That's because the courts or the judges so not care because they will not even allow you to file paperwork in thier courts anymore unless you do it elecronically anf that is why many of the courts are cutting back and shutting down. There is no justice for those that will not listen.


It's incredibly unprofessional to use Gustavo's wife to make negative statements about a source for a story in OC Weekly. Not only is it an obvious conflict of interest, but it tilts bias toward the defendant in the lawsuit. Bad judgement by you guys once again


This guy sounds like such a hypocrite–he sells himself as someone who cares for the Small Businesses community, then copies a local small business for his own purposes, then turns around and sues the original small business for speaking up?

Typical two-faced developer if you ask me...

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

Well that's because the news media is doing the same things by getting cases dismissed because even the judges have the cops in thier back pockets and vice versa, the little guys never seemingly get justice and that could be why there are so many in jail nowadays. The cops are just as corrupt as the judges. The County of Orange is corrupt.

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