Training Day

[Hey, You!] Sorry for not calling the cops on your pot farm

Bob Aul


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You're the author of "Placentia Peeper" [Hey, You!, March 28]. While doing our Placentia Fire Department truck area-familiarization training in the city of Placentia, we decided we should do some valuable roof-walking, checking out the different types and the troubles with older buildings. After knocking on your door, front and back, we laddered the side wall and ascended to the roof line. No windows were passed on the way up, and no privacies were violated. We did notice the awesome pot farm that was being cultivated. We thought we were doing you a favor by keeping this information to ourselves when we talked to the building owner later that day, but given your interest in publicity, maybe we should have taken other actions. Anyway, the next time you see a ladder on your roof, keep your dick in your pants. Next time, it may be the SWAT team.