Bus UnFare

[Hey, You!] A little case of the working-class blues

Bus UnFare
Bob Aul
Bob Aul

You are the person or persons who thought it would be okay to raise the bus fare from $55 per month to $69. How comfy you must be in your corner-window office at the OCTA building and in your Mercedes S class with leather seats. We working-class people who can't even afford a car have to cough up another $14 each month from our already-tight budgets. If you think bus riders are all on state or federal assistance, think again. We work hard for our less-than-living wages and pay our share of federal, state and local taxes. And what do we get for putting out another $14 per month from our hard-earned slave wages? We get the same old, noisy, dirty, beat-up buses that are overcrowded, smell like urine and Dumpsters, and are seldom on time. We get the same old buses we sometimes have to wait more than an hour to board. I don't imagine you gave the drivers a 25 percent wage increase, even though the bus fare went up 25 percent. How dare you!

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They have to find money to pay for the pricey toll lanes they want to build on the 405 freeway since they have been told they cannot use tax dollars to do it.  Here is a list of who to thank;

OCTA Boead of Directors 2013

Gregory Winterbottom CAREER unelected Public member since 1993

Shaun Nelson Supervisor 4th District

Patricia Bates  Supervisor 5th District

Lori Donchack City Rep from San Clemente

Gail Eastman City Member Anaheim City Council

Mathew Harper City Member Mayor Pro Tem Huntington Beach

Michael Hennessey Public Member  Real Estate Tycoon

Steve Jones City Member City Councilman City of Garden Grove

Jeffrey Lalloway City Member Irvine City Council

Gary A Miller City Member 2d Dist 2d Supevisorial District Rep Serving on the I405 widening Group                                                                                                                                                       John Moorlach Supervisor 2d District

Al Murray City Member Tustin City Council

Janet Nguyen  Supervisor 1st District

Miguel Pulido Mayor Santa Ana

Tim Shaw City Councilman La Habra

Todd Spitzer Supervisor 3d District

Remember these names when election time comes around, you do not or did not vote you have  no right to whine! 



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