Bossy Bus Lady

[Hey, You!] 'On my ride, y'all better follow my rules'

Bob Aul


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This goes out to the female OCTA bus driver who drives the route I take each Sunday. You pulled up to the stop and parked sloppily more than a yard from the curb. You then got out of your seat and inspected the back of the bus before you opened the door to let us on, only to start telling me and the four other homeless people waiting that you are going to be driving that route now and are not going to deal with all the trouble homeless people bring to the bus. "It ain't going to happen," you said. "It's going to be one person per seat. . . . And don't be putting all that stuff on MY seats." You spoke with an annoyed tone at best, and you "warned" every rider who got on about something or other—even about having their money out and ready if they were going to be riding "your" bus. When I went to the front of the bus to get off, you announced that the exit must be made at the back of the bus, not remembering I had a bike at the front. You were rude to everyone. I dub you the worst driver in Orange County and probably a lot of other places. I hope you keep doing what you are doing so that you eventually get fired or, even better, someone sues OCTA for discrimination. Bus riders are tired of drivers such as you in addition to everything else that sucks about the OC bus system.

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How easy it is to pick out flaws when one comes from a negative point of view. I'm betting someone with a positive point of view might well have found just as many good things to praise the same driver for. FYI, it is the driver's responsibility to walk to the back of the bus and check everything out at the end of the line before allowing passengers to enter the bus.
Just  because a passenger is having a bad day doesn't mean they should complain about everything they can think of. On the other hand, just because a driver is having a bad day, there's no need to take it out on passengers. GROW the  F***  UP !  You each have the ability to CHOOSE to be happy and demonstrate the manners your Mommy taught you !


Anon, if you wonder why people treat you a certain way, stand before a mirror and look. What story do your appearance, hygiene, and behaviour present to those of us who will have to spend some time with you?


I believe on each ticket and at each sign there is a telephone number you can take the employee number and the route & bus number as well as time of day & direction of travel all that  information will pinpoint a driver making it easier to relocate or terminate, especially if they are already on probation, OR a contract driver. It is also nice to report the nice considerate drivers.  I am sorry for your having to endure this.


@Dweezle It is easy to report how you feel you were treated. I bet you never called and gave a compliment to a driver. I'm not saying what she did was right !! However, it goes both ways. Ask yourself are you that person that never has your money ready and holds up the bus ? Ask yourself are you that passenger that never speaks ? Ask yourself are you that passenger that ask for a free ride ? Ask yourself are you that passenger that gives the driver attitide if they are late not knowing what the situation was ? Ask yourself how many times you wrote or called in when any of us OCTA drivers did anything nice ??? Ask yourself are you one of those riders that uses a senior disable pass and don't have ID or qualify ??? We deal with a lot and some people here in OC just abuse us and take advantage of the situation !!


@beachcitynotary Actually Yes I have I have made a number of compliments as well as a few complaints and written more than one "hey You's