Will Carjacking Charges Derail Kadillak Kaz's Hip-Hop Career?

With a deal with Snoop Dogg in the works, the rapper was about to hit hip-hop heaven. Now he faces decades behind bars. But is he guilty?

The scar over his temple is a reminder of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head during a suicide attempt at age 22; the bullet is still lodged in his skull. Cuicide tells me he played mentor to Kadillak after his prison stint and that, recently, he and a business partner teamed up to produce a documentary on Kadillak's cousin Kevin Powell, a parolee from Aliso Viejo who was killed by Santa Ana police after he allegedly stole a vehicle in 2007. When the chase ended, just off the 55 freeway, eight to 15 officers fired as many as 20 shots toward the vehicle.

Cuicide's stoic face turns jovial, with a wide, gapped-tooth grin, and he shakes my hand firmly as I tell him I've been interviewing Kadillak in jail. Until recently, Cuicide hadn't heard his friend was locked up. "He'd always kinda called me his uncle, and recognizing his past, I saw a lot of me in him," he says. "I could see him trying to be better. Whenever we hung out, it wasn't about trying to be Kadillak Kaz, the guy from the streets; he wanted to be Kadillak Kaz the rapper."

The two met at a studio in Bellflower in 2009, which in hindsight appears to be the heyday of Kadillak's career. The rapper had just completed his second album, 2010's The Coldest Winter Ever, an inspired mix of freeway funk and lyrical post-card moments cribbed from his years in the state penitentiary. He'd recently tapped a booming online fan base (in Japan, of all places). More important, after years of hustling and drug dealing, he'd decided to focus exclusively on music. He'd just begun performing a show at the Copa Cabana in Long Beach when Cuicide took him under his wing and recorded with him. In Cuicide, Kadillak had found a mentor, someone who not only had survived gang life, but also had decades of experience in the rap game with credible ties to some of the world's MCs including Snoop Dogg, whom he'd known since he was a punk kid slinging dope on the streets of Long Beach.

As it turns out, Kadillak would have an unexpected chance to make an impression on the Dogg Father himself: Last April, an old high-school friend of Kadillak contacted him on Facebook to talk about his music. What started as a typical chat led to her asking him for a demo she could pass onto her brother-in-law, an A&R rep for a label looking for talented rappers. That label happened to be Doggystyle Records, Snoop Dogg's home, though she didn't tell him that at the time.

A couple of weeks after sending her a few of his tracks, Kadillak got a phone call from his friend's brother-in-law, Torrey, who told him the label was interested in meeting him and hearing more of his stuff. That interest soon turned into an invitation to a party at a tree-covered estate in Hollywood Hills, the home of the owner of Levi's jeans. "At first, I thought Levi's must have been the name of some club. When I rolled up, I don't think I put two and two together right away," Kadillak recalls. "But when I figured out where I was and who I would be meeting, I was just shocked."

There, he met Torrey, a 6-foot-8 behemoth who delivered a crushing handshake and a smile. He told Kadillak he'd invited him to meet a few people from the Doggystyle crew: rapper Kurupt and his cousin/rapper Roscoe. He would also meet Snoop, who was doing a DJ set that night for a house full of hot women and drunk revelers. What shocked Kadillak the most when he met Snoop, who was dressed in a Rastafarian tam and shades (the Snoop Lion persona was in full effect), was that he actually acknowledged his music and that he'd wanted to work with him on some songs he'd written.

"As your project goes, it's already in motion," Kadillak says Snoop told him. "Everything I need to find out about you is on this CD. You don't need to learn how to fly, your wings are already flying." (Snoop's people did not respond to multiple attempts to reach the rapper.)

It wasn't exactly a record contract, but for Kadillak, who would soon begin negotiating a deal with Doggystyle, the moment meant everything. His recent decision to focus on music, while artistically liberating, had left him technically homeless. For two years after abandoning his studio, he'd couch-surfed with friends and moved in with girls he was seeing, living off them as he spent time cultivating his fan base, rocking shows and selling as many units of CDs as he could in Japan. Most of his family, meanwhile, had moved back to their native North Carolina—minus his father, who'd started a new family. Once again, Kadillak was grasping for a lifeline.

As he carved his way into Snoop's circle, Kadillak was convinced his outward appearance and streetwise demeanor would be his ticket to sealing a record deal. When talking to an A&R rep or a member of Snoop's entourage, it was all about staying cool and listing achievements. And his weren't bad: a pair of full-length albums selling like hotcakes in Japan; four featured songs on a soundtrack for the bargain bin Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose flick Gang of Roses II; landing a hit song,"Drugs" (featuring Snoopyblu, Big2DaBoy and Cake Boi Sav), on the iPad video game Demon Chic. So he kept quiet about being homeless, living out of his car and frequently sneaking into truck-stop showers.

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DAYUUUUUM I'm not alone in how I feel about this shit right here. U would think U would figure it out with this much negative feedback!!! Damn homie?????? You think you GOT HELLA HATERZ, don't flatter yourself!!! U got REAL LIVE people who you've DONE WRONG!!! Fucked up part is, you've HATED on yourself so much, YOU ARE YOUR BIGGEST HATER! LMAO!  That's fucked up bruH!!!!


He will be back behind bars soon enough. Do you really think that a Rastafarian enlightened label owner is going to sign on a man who assaults and robs others to get by? That's not the rastafari way, that's not a decent human being's way. You don't deserve fame, this article is as big as you will ever get, and in it itself shows signs of your abominable life. This article is as big as you will ever get. Doubt it now, go ahead, but, as time goes on to prove my point you will see that the treacherous deeds of your life will eventually come full circle. 


umm you are just not worth responding to. i said my piece, you said yours. now skyball and redeem yourself for assaulting women and doing so many people bad!!! it's not hate bro, it's just real spit. 


and if u were mad cuz i got the cover....stay tuned---ur gonna commit suicide when "LATE NIGHTS, EARLY MONEY"


i can go on and on about u but i wont cuz its not just u...its a lot of people that hide behind computers or spread propaganda about me but thats nothin new to winners. all i can say is i hope that u find some peace within yourself....u all waste ur time tryin 2 step on me to elevate yourselves but all that does is confirm that u have not lived and experienced life yet...ill b the first to tell u that i am far from a saint...on the same token, i can also tell u im not the same man today that i was yesterday!!!! God took me through the bottoms and it was done because He has bigger plans 4 ME that U see and have seen since U first laid eyes on me, which is why u hate and go against me!!!!! so in essence, when u think about it...ur not really hatin on ME, u r hatin on GOD cuz this is his plan!!!! ponder that haters!!!!!! i bet that hurt more than me sayin "fuck u"or callin u the very bitch u r!!!!!!! #OW #NOWDATZSKYBALLIN


@cakeboisav lmbao!!!! u said it best bro!!!!! the cold part is, i really fuckin forgot his rap name----(cuz he's a nobody lol) until u just said it lmbao

cakeboisav like.author.displayName 1 Like

You niggaz thought you was salty about the article....lol...you should kill yaself now...my nigga a free man...should show u not 2 speak on shit u don't know about, and don't wait til a person go to jail to show ur computer courage, thinkin its over, when u don't kno the facts...Truth Hurts & Justified ain't nobody stupid Cirius Deelux or whatever the fucc u call urself...go save the hoe and shut the fucc up...u a coward my nigga & a snitch...u have nuthin to say to nobody...now get off the next nigga dicc and worry bout that child support ya babymommma talkin bout..hahahahahahahaha...and wash ya dreads...yea we kno who u are, we know who u are

beats4kaddy like.author.displayName 1 Like



okay, im gettin around 2 this.....lets chat!!!!! there is always 2 sies 2 the story


not saying that it's justified at all but im just glad that my friend is healthy, happy, and far past this situation.  And to Kaddy - all i can say is, stay up bro - keep your hands off women. 


hmmm. he has a pretty poor track record with women. and he has a pretty poor track record with men. but everyone finds something good in everybody. so for those who support him, great, hopefully you stay supportive and true forever. but unfortunately, I know too much about what he has done in his past. I know Deron also. He has acted violently with women, one of my very good friends was victim to his assault. So on that tip - I can't really roll. But reading this article demonstrates how out-of-control his life has been. and all of the other factors that have contributed to some of his less than decent or manly behavior. 


This man is bottom feeding scum. Karma's out there and it's exactly what placed this incompetent and violent person in the cell he is in. 


" No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path."


I do hope when he is done serving his sentence he can begin a life of honesty without leaving a trail of sorrow, suffering and negativity along his way....If not he will just end up back in a cell....

Kadillakkazfan like.author.displayName 1 Like

@TruthHurts777  You are a bitch! I heard the whole story about you. Your just mad because your kids are calling someone else daddy!! haha continue to hate on Kadillak Kaz, its ok because he has more fans than haters and we will ALWAYS overpower you bitch ass haters.

cakeboisav like.author.displayName 1 Like


thonell like.author.displayName 1 Like

@TruthHurts777 ....how about you go and pay some dam chILd support yourself before you get you dumba@# online and start talkin ish!!! its funny how your on here running your mouth but yet was hiding in the bushes.....YOUR WEAK!!!! I actually grew up with deron. YOUR JUST ANOTHER JEALOUS EXHUSBAND MAD THAT YOUR WIFE GOT A REAL MAN, NOT A FAKE OC RASTA!!! btw do you still have lice? OR DID YOU FINALLY GET ACCESS TO RUNNING WATER TO BATHE YOURSELF??? HAHAH o yea, shouldnt you be online looking at porn right about this time, or trying to hook with women from the gym and USE THEM!!! YOUR A LAME-O!!!! WE ARE ALL LAUGHING AT YOU!!! MOMMAS BOY! GO HANG ON MOMMA TITTY SOMEMORE! BETTER YET GO GET A JOB AND PAY CHILD SUPPORT!!!!

TruthHurts777 like.author.displayName 1 Like

Yes thats right I'm a Bitch, and you better believe it:)

tustinsmostwanted like.author.displayName 1 Like

**FREE KadillakKaz!!!

Fuck this fake ass fool @TruthHurts777...

I don't wish death or jail on anyone but REAL rapists and Child Molestors and I would put money on it that TruthHurts777 is in fact someone that "had it out" for Kadi.

@CakeBoi... Keep it 100. Kadillac deserves to be at the Top just where haters hate to see people like US. WE all know OC trumps up charges and allegations so I hope for the best in the end.

Oh yeah... Did I mention FUCK TruthHurts777, "You BITCH you!"""



**Go ahead and check my credentials.

P.S. @TruthHurts777... Your profile is public and a quick use of a service, that shall remain nameless for the time being, I have revealed your true identity and I'm not shocked to see that it YOU really are just some idiot that learned how to read and write. Just because someone is 33 and doesn't own a car doesn't mean anything about a man's character. In YOUR opinion, which doesn't mean shit, you think that Car Ownership makes or breaks a man? What a complete Moron, and about "Leaching off women"... I can't speak on KadillakKaz's involvement with women whatever the motivs may be but I do know that it takes two to play and to each his own. Is it too much to believe that there are Women out there that are more than willing to compensate a Man for his time and companionship with gifts or necessities? No. Not at all. What happens behind closed doors is not to be seen or heard unless YOU were in the room. Some women let themselves be taken advantage of because of the deep inner need for attention whether it be possitive or negative attention. So who's to blame? Why isn't it the Woman's fault for suckering a Man into her life and then trying to ruin HIS life when she finds out she isn't the only one paying for a Man's Worth?

This could go on for days but when it comes down to it I don't think that the charges against KadillakKaz will stick and I will be waiting for his coming home party.

Oh yeah... @TruthHurts777 "Open your mind and you will truely be able to see" ... You Bitch You!


Kadillak Kaz..Deron q. Hollins..You have no idea who this guy really is.. you are only getting the glitter of everything.. U should know the man before you put out some sad story to glorify his bad choices he's made all his life. He deserves everything he's getting.. hes 33yrs old doesnt own a car no place to call his own... leaches off of women, moves from place to place.. abusing women and children.. coward. What he says about job in the bible...lol.. Job was a good man a loyal honest man.. Kaz is totally opposite he has the mark of the beast on his face.. hes a snake and he can't even rap..his song DRUGS rappin about all the drugs they are all on..who cares..tell us something we don't know..or inspirational.. he grew up in Lake Forest/el toro not just santa ana.. his story is a joke.. He is getting what he deserves.. his ex girl friends, they want nothing to do with him..thats why you couldnt get  them to do an interview..lol believe me i know.. Kadillak Kaz The Guy is a joke.. dont feel sorry for him..SMH

cakeboisav like.author.displayName 1 Like

@TruthHurts777 U Bitch ass nigga or Bitch, this story ain't for you to come throw your salty ass feelings up...you prolly the nigga who snitched on him or sum soggy ass bitch mad cuhz the nigga wouldn't make u his only,either way, if the man ain't shit n yada yada, why u take the time to write a negative comment? Knowing damn well you wouldn't tell em to his face...oh, you 1ne of them computer cowards, all this super talk on the net...continue to live ya life, why stop to write a book about a nigga u clearly don't know...how you expect blessings whn you're wishing jail on somebody and you don't even know their story or struggle, let alone the latest case...that's what wrong with people 2day...continue ur life "Computer Coward"

havywatson like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

@cakeboisav Yes he's a great rapper and hopefully the jury will find that out..Every rapper has a past everyone of them..Its really sad he has someone that really hates on him this much to ruin his blessing..But i believe in karma alot so let karma get her im a meanie also im chucks wifee that red rum raps with so i know by reading that post yes its definitely a mad women..But i just wanted to say sorry and i hope he pulls through this drama yall are really good..Good luck to kaz..


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