Expensive Fish

[Hey, You!] Hats off to the inventor of the kids' game that tried to rob me blind

Bob Aul


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You're the genius who invented that annoying fish-eating penguins mobile app that my 7-year-old son discovered yesterday. I was at a New Year's Day party, and to give him something to do that didn't involve running football patterns around a group of seated adults, I downloaded your flying-penguin game and let him play. I did so because it billed itself as a free app. After 10 minutes or so, I took the phone back. As I opened my email this morning, I discovered that within that short fraction of time, my son had managed to rack up $106 worth of free flying fish. I'm sure the transaction involved a lot of imaginary flying fish, but really? A free game with a built-in profit mechanism that, at the rate my son played, could have drained my bank account in a single afternoon? Thank God I got my money back, as this was a first-time case of buyer's remorse. Meanwhile, unfortunately for both my son and your bottom line, there are no flying penguins in his future.