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Looking back at 2012 news that was fit to blog but not to print . . . until now

The Orange County Sheriff's Department served an eviction notice to the Gutierrez-Perez house in Anaheim for Sept. 2 that could have been carried out at any minute. Instead of packing their belongings, the family hunkered down with Occupy activists from across the Southland. Tents popped up on the lawn, and protests signs decked the garage door as negotiations continued between U.S. Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC. #CasaPerez became a symbol of resistance in an area of the city wrought with foreclosures. The family and their activist allies contended they had been wronged and shouldn't be evicted. A loan-modification package was ultimately offered and finally signed two months later, ensuring that the Gutierrez-Perezes would enjoy the holidays in the place they've called home for decades. (GSR)

A MAMIL (middle-aged man in Lycra), who decided the entire Santa Ana River bicycle trail was for his exclusive use, collided with the Weekly's Dave Lieberman in September. Though the MAMIL struck the Stick a Fork In It blogger on his side of the path, it was the MAMIL who got angry, started ranting about the damage to his $2,000 carbon-fiber bicycle and started kicking Lieberman. Not all the food Dave writes about turns into fat, though, and by the time the altercation was done, the MAMIL had learned his lesson with a black eye, a bruised shoulder, an expensive bicycle he had to retrieve from the middle of a cactus patch, and no charges pressed on either side. (DL)

No one loves Orange County more than us—we wouldn't be working for shit wages in a dying industry if it were otherwise—but our jobs give us a unique perspective to equally love and loathe this insane county of ours. Instead of stewing over it, editor Gustavo Arellano created "50 Reasons Why Orange County Is the Worst Effin Place in America," a listicle regarding many of OC's sins, from our uniquely toxic Christianity to the ghost of Richard Nixon to downtown Fullerton on a weekend night. The post received more than 250 comments, many fulfilling our No. 1 reason: "No one will get this list, and we'll be accused of hating Orange County, of being racist, and told to leave. Ah, Orange County . . ." (Gustavo Arellano)

Just some of the freaks who haunt downtown Fullerton nightly
LP Hastings
Just some of the freaks who haunt downtown Fullerton nightly
Meet Douche Wayne
Christopher Victorio
Meet Douche Wayne

You don't read about this kind of shit every day, even on the Weekly's pot-centric Navel Gazing: On Oct. 25, federal drug agents busted 14 people in connection with what they described as a massive conspiracy to sell marijuana in Southern California. These nefarious crooks had the audacity to sell their demon weed via a network of medical-marijuana dispensaries at which anyone with a valid doctor's recommendation, as required under California state law, could legally obtain cannabis. Okay, so the plot wasn't that original—but the alleged crooks' nicknames certainly were: "Pops," "Mob Queen," "Dragon Six," "Hippie Chick" and "Bucky." Their trial is scheduled to begin sometime next year, so stay tuned. (NS)

Hours after the news that Nadya Suleman's father expressed concern for his 14 grandchildren because he feared his daughter could be driving under the influence with some of them aboard, Octomom checked herself into an Orange rehab for Xanax addiction on Oct. 30. Her managers managed to change the gossip-press accounts midstream by saying she entered the rehab because she was exhausted and didn't want to become a slave to the medication she was previously prescribed for depression. Whatever Suleman was taking, her monthlong stint at Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center—which included breaks to visit her family and shoot a music video out of state—took the focus off a video showing her passed-out drunk in OC and her father, Ed Doud, saying, "Sometimes she starts drinking vodka, whatever, so maybe she should not be driving." The multiple AVN porn-award nominee lost her driver's license in February for driving the wrong way on a one-way street, then failing to appear in court. (NS)

The city of Anaheim likes to bill itself as a business-friendly, less government/more freedom kind of town. All that highfalutin, conservative, free-market rhetoric went flying out the window in November, though, as the City Council unanimously voted to crack down on yard sales, making NIMBY Anaheimers' wet dreams come true. City officials shied away from the idea, citing potential polarization when a councilman proposed it way back in 1994; two decades later—with Anaheim reeling from seething unrest—the council thought it perfect timing to enact an ordinance reducing the side hustle of many of its working-class residents to four preset weekends per year! Worse yet, Hill International Inc., which employs failed council hopeful (and one of 2012's Scariest People) Steve "Chavez" Lodge, received millions in a resort-connected deal during that same meeting. Feed the mouse, starve the Mexicans! (GSR)

For the past year and a half on Navel Gazing, nearly every Monday has been devoted to an Orange County pioneer—whether a council member, school-board trustee, Republican Party chair, businessman or other—who was a member of the Ku Klux Klan during the 1920s, when the Invisible Empire ruled central Orange County. Through the award-winning "OC Pioneers Who Were Klan Members" series, readers have learned there are streets, schools, buildings, even monuments named after these people, so how has the public reacted? With vitriol—toward the Weekly for uncovering the Klukkers. Who knew Register readers also read the Weekly? (GA)

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