Niko Black Won't Surrender

A dying woman is determined to return to the Garden Grove home from which she was evicted

Toward the close of the hearing, Golden declared, "This loan is one that she did not sign! . . . [Wells Fargo] did not show up [to the earlier hearing] to avoid showing any proof!" Black claims the whole mess began with "fraudulent paperwork," claiming a 2006 refinance loan that she defaulted on three years later is predatory. (Golden has since filed a civil lawsuit.)

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Miguel Vasconcellos
Apache strong

Black's legal team wanted her to be able to retrieve medical equipment or, better yet, fully return to the residence in the interim. She removed her facemask and spoke to the judge. "I'm dying, your honor; I'm dying," she pleaded. Claiming sympathy, the judge wanted Wells Fargo to work something out with Black, wherein she could retrieve more of her medical equipment promptly from the property. Despite that request, Black has yet to return.

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