What Does 'Wey' Mean?

[¡Ask a Mexican!] And should the U.S. bring back the guest-worker program for Mexicans?

DEAR MEXICAN: In President George W. Bush's State of the Union address, he reiterated a need for a guest-worker program. What is your opinion of such a program? The program seems like mierda that screws people over in the long run to me, but what do I know?

Una Guerita por un Mundo Sin Muros :-)

DEAR GABACHITA FOR A WORLD WITHOUT BORDER WALLS: Sorry I'm answering your question—what, five years later? ¿Siete? But the sad part about my laziness is the question remains relevant, and what Republicans once dismissed as Aztlanista claptrap from the mouth of Dubya (who will remain the best GOP friend to Mexis we'll ever have—mark my palabras) is now the gospel they're preaching after the disaster that was their outreach efforts to Latinos during the 2012 presidential election. It's been absolutamente HILARIOUS to see Republicans wake up and smell the tacos more than a decade after Latinos became a political force, to see them lamely prop up Florida Senator Marco Rubio as a presidential candidate (the only position he's worthy of is being Secretary of Coños), to see gabacho pundits ask themselves what Latino voters want without having a Latino on their panels or asking said voters, and—most laughably—the idea of resurrecting the guest-worker program. Conservatives love the idea of having Mexicans work cheaply while not being able to become citizens, but it's an idea that'll fail as badly as it did the first time around, from the 1940s until the 1960s. For the last time, America: Mexicans are not just workers; they're humans who'll notice living conditions are better here and will want to stay here—how ya gonna keep 'em down on the rancho after they've seen Paree? A border fence? Pshaw. And while it's true some Mexicans might want to only work here and go back to Mexico, demographics and history show otherwise. "Immigration reform" without some sort of amnesty is like a burrito without the tortilla—and who the fuck besides calorie-conscious hipsters wants that?


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DEAR MEXICAN: I was with some cousins for a week in Lindsay, a major orange-picking city in Central California. They own a mini-market, and I'd go and help them every day and got to know some customers. Many of the Mexican customers would come in and yell, "Agooshtoo" or, "Wey" to me and my cousins, and we'd yell it back, and they would smile and get their beer. When they would leave, they would say, "A rato," and we'd yell it back. I asked my cousins, but they didn't really know much except the first two were probably curse words. Any help?

Gabacho From Gilroy

DEAR GABACHO: "Wey" is easy—they're saying güey, which as I wrote so long ago, in one of the first ¡Ask a Mexican! columns, is the "ass" of Mexican Spanish, even though it derives from the word for "ox." But it's not a fighting word, and you and your primos should be honored—Mexi men use güey as a form of endearment among one another, à la the American English "fucker" and "man." If they really wanted to insult you, they'd call you puto, pendejo, baboso or—better yet—pinche puto pendejo baboso. "Agooshtoo" sounds like a gusto (to be at ease), but it very well could be an indigenous language such as Mixtec or Triqui, since the Central Valley is home to tens of thousands of folks from Oaxaca. "A rato" is the elided form of al rato, which means "later"–in this case, they're telling ustedes güeyes they'll be back in a bit for more beer. Now that I answered your pregunta, do me a favor and leave some cerveza on credit for my güeyes so they can be agusto, por favor!

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Well, what's your opinion, Gustave, about why we of the U.S. seem to be so welcoming to the rest of the World, from over the seas, literally, but "Mexicans" are such a Big Problem? Why in the hell is the Organization of  American States not moving for a European Union style Western Hemisphere? What exactly, do they talk about at The Summit of the Americas?



Below I will describe illegal immigrant Mexicans.  Mexicans that have been here for several generations are different and are starting to get a clue but the ones fresh from Mexico are abhorrent.

Most Mexicans are just too fucking ignorant to be tolerated.  They come from Mexico uneducated, poor, and need to be supported like a child.  And what do they do when they get here?  Do the seek to learn English, no.  Do they seek education, no.  They seek as much free services, medical, food, welfare as they can and start producing babies, lots of babies.

They don't want to assimilate they want to segregate and remain in their own little pocket within the community.  They are like a parasite, eating away at our resources while contributing next to nothing.  As their kids start to grow up they run around the community stealing shit and spray painting graffiti on private property.  As soon as they're old enough to fuck, they start producing babies and like their ignorant parents they too start collecting various forms of welfare, drop out of school, and continue reproducing.  

Soon the fucker leaves the fuckee who is now 250 pounds at five feet tall and finds some other, more attractive fuckee without all the bambinos to care for.  Meanwhile you will see the first fuckee pushing a baby stroller across some busy intersection with two babies in the stroller and a couple of more little chub-a-lubs in tow and you ask yourself, how the fuck can they support all these kids?

You won't like the answer.  And the vicious cycle repeats it's self until some mutant gene produces a kid that actually wants to learn in school and excels at learning and finally breaks out of the ignorant Mexican lifecycle, but that scenario is rare, although it does occur.

Ask yourself, what has Mexico contributed to the betterment of mankind?  Have they made any break throughs in science, technology, humanities ???  Nope.  Do they have a space program, technology think-tanks, medical research facilities that have discovered a cure for anything?  Nope.  Yet they have been around just as long as the rest of mankind, so what the fuck?  Are the genetically inferior?  Or are they just a bunch of lazy fucks that don't give a shit about anything other than fucking and getting drunk.

What country would want a union with a country like mexico who's people have so little to offer yet would require so much attention?  Not the USA I hope.  That's like asking a newlywed couple if they would like to adopt a retarded stepchild from a distant relative they've never met.  Hell no!

You know, you can lead a Mexican to school but you can't make them learn.  Most of them are just genetically predisposed to being burro riding subsistence farmers on a little dirt patch in Mexico and will never aspire to being anything more.  That's fine, but don't ask us to adopt these people.

In closing I would like to say there are many things about Mexico and Mexicans I do like but the negatives far outweigh the positives.  I am hopeful that the Mexican government can work past it's rampant corruption and focus on bringing it's people out of it's 3rd world status and into the 21st century and beyond as a people with a rich cultural history but focused on education and achievement instead of ignorance and dependance. 


@Gary @WKovacs12 Mexican invented school for everyone, education, concerning of the people with hunger (the first line in a crop can be collected by anyone with hunger and they won't shoot the shit out of you like rednecks love to do), also you can go to any house in Mexico and they'll give you food, water and open the doors for you, a mexican invented the pill so you can fuck and don't get the "problem" of a family. Family is indeed important to us, that's why w love not only our personal family but also the extended family and also our friends and partners, also our food is thousand times better than yours, because we let the people come, join and embrace our culture instead of whining and complaining about some other culture and how "valuable" those cultures are for the world, there is no superior and inferior culture, only superior and inferior human beings and you my dear, are a morally inferior one...

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