Patient Med-Aid: For Those Sick Enough to Smoke

A peek inside Orange County's most exclusive medical-marijuana club, one no one wants to join

"If someone went after them, and they're doing what they say they're doing and providing this medicine for free, the backlash of them being prosecuted would be pretty substantial," Glew says. "Can you imagine that case? That's the kind of case you want as a lawyer."

For his part, Modiano claims he's not worried about the feds because the only thing the DEA will find if it raids his warehouse will be donated equipment—and maybe some sick people sitting around eating grilled chicken. He says he hopes to raise enough money from the growers he's working with to add more patients to the group's membership, four of whom died recently.

Modiano also hopes to buy a van so he can deliver cannabis to patients. Currently, members must go to different dispensaries to obtain their allotment of free marijuana. For security reasons, Modiano declined to state which dispensaries those are, and he wouldn't put me in touch with any of the growers who are helping Patient Med-Aid.

"I don't want to go to jail," he concludes. "I want to be protected, and I want my growers to be protected, too. They shouldn't have to go to jail for helping sick people. We're just trying to give some free medicine to some patients before they all drop dead."


If you think you qualify to join Patient Med-Aid, you can call Marla James at (714) 455-9946.

This article appeared in print as "Sick Enough to Smoke: A peek inside Orange County's most exclusive medical-marijuana club, one no one wants to join."

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It may not be a popular opinion, but I think this is how the clinics should be. Fight for recreational use all you want, but clinics should be a place for patients, not "cool kids" picking up some weed like it's a 12-pack before a party. If you want recreational, do like CO and WA have done and fight for it. Don't make life harder for cancer patients just because you want to get high.


I run in Orange County and have had a Non-Profit since 2009, We have been the only Collective that I knew of up until now that provides Free medicine to terminally Ill Aids/Hiv, Cancer and Hospice care Patients. Free.. We are the only Collective that I know of that offers free rides to Dr.s appointments as well as a catering service and cleaning service.. If you are to sick to clean your house cook your food or just need a ride all you have to do is be a member and call..


I have been fighting a Trial in Orange County California and I got a 11-1 hung Jury being denied an affirmative Defense..  I am 1 of less then 250 State Registered Caregivers and 1 of less then 10000 Registered Patients with the State Health Department..




Thank you Nick for such a wonderful article written in a sensitive way to respect our patients.  If you are one of those seriously ill patients, (AIDS, Cancer, MS. Muscular Dystrophy, cerebral palsy,  etc. ) Call me, and we can see if you qualify for our program. - Marla James  (714) 455-9946.


@thraxz13 please help my roommate is terminally ill and needs meds but is low income and cant get around to well

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