Garden Grove Cops to Hugo Sarmiento: 'This Mexican Speaks English!'

[Moxley Confidential] Targeted for torture after a 2005 anti-immigration rally, the UCLA Ph.D. is still waiting for justice

But late last month the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reviewed the case and handed Sarmiento his first victory after seven years of defeats. A three-judge panel concluded that his trial hadn't been fair. They specifically rejected Carter's decision to limit the jury's decision about wrongdoing to just two named deputies and not others involved in the beatings.

"Sarmiento does not identify the particular deputies who used excessive force against him, in part because his face was pressed into the wall or floor during the deputies' alleged use of excessive force," the appellate judges wrote. "While Sarmiento additionally named deputies [Matthew] LeFlore and [David] Hernandez as individual defendants, he never alleged that it was only LeFlore and Hernandez who had used excessive force. Indeed, the videotape of the beating shows that several officers, not just LeFlore and Hernandez, were involved in the beating, and Sarmiento testified that he was unable to identify which of the officers kicked him in the face."

The judges said Carter erred by only allowing jurors to determine if LeFlore and Hernandez were guilty of the abuse, a mistake that invalidates the verdicts. They also overturned the decision to charge Sarmiento with the police lawyers' bill and ordered a new trial to be run consistent with their rulings.

Jay Brockman


When I contacted Sarmiento in Los Angeles, he was unaware of the ruling. There was no expression of joy or satisfaction. He said his experiences have left him with no faith in government institutions. Though he sought media coverage at the outset of his lawsuit, he nowadays refuses to describe how deputies tortured him and answers most questions guardedly.

Will he pursue a new trial?

"I don't know," said Sarmiento, who has been active in protesting education spending cuts at UCLA. "If I do, I'd do it only to win."

This column appeared in print as "'This Mexican Speaks English!' Cops targeted Hugo Sarmiento for torture after a 2005 anti-immigration rally, and he's still waiting for justice."

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Thanks for bringing this story to our attention.


Having not been there, I don't know what happened.


However, a short search of youtube will show violence directed against Jim Gilchrist (at Columbia U) and Tom Tancredo (at U of North Carolina). So it seems at least a 50-50 proposition that violence was instigated by the ethnic/racialist 'Latino' activists and their self-hating white fellow travelers. 


Of course that doesn't justify any abuse (so far alleged abuse) against a person in custody. It does say that every story has two sides.

OC Weekly
OC Weekly

Lenny: If that's Garden Grove, then you support a police department that wrongfully charged this man, hog-tied a Vietnamese teenager and let him choke to death, killed another Vietnamese man who was trying to get into his own home, raided a home for holding a birthday party...shall we go on?


I've seen the so-called "Minuteman" Project members and for the most part, they've racist loons.

As a racist loon, of course Jim Gilchrist would say otherwise.


But the larger question is who hires these "Thugs R Us" cops?  See the "bad cop" section of; and ask why we reward criminal behavior with pensions.


Dear Readers,


The Minuteman Project is not anti immigrant, as the author would like you to believe.

The Minuteman Project simply  advocates the enforcement of immigration laws.  We also advocate enforcement of laws against drug dealers, bank robbers, muggers, kidnappers, murderers, rapists, and child molesters, etc.


The law enforcement officers who faced off against the frenzied, anti-free speech fanatics led by Mr.Sarmiento and his cult followers on the night of the protest at issue here did exactly what a civilized society expects of them:  preserve peace, restore order, and protect all of us from the harmful intentions of each other.  


If Sarmiento had conducted his protest in a respectable manner that did not include physical assaults on police officers, and had his cultists not attacked Hal Netkin's passenger vehicle, then there would have been no need for law enforcement presence, would there?  


If we are to remain a civilized society, we can't expect our law enforcement officers to retreat in the face rock-and-bottle-throwing mobs with sinister intentions that could easily result in lethal consequences to the targets of their wrath or the police officers who were protecting them.


Law enforcement presence that night guaranteed to all of us that freedom of assembly and speech would prevail over mob rule...exactly the way our nation's Founding Fathers envisioned for our America.  


The participating peace officers deserve commendation, not condemnation.


Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project


 @Mitchell_Young Mitchell,  In all fairness, I have been actually verbally and physically attacked more by lunatics from my side of the debate about illegal immigration that I have been by the ultra-left fringe elements.  


Both sides of the argument about US immigration lawlessness are responsible for mayhem in their efforts to dominate the debate.  


Both the fanatical righties and lefties are literal kooks with no qualm about suppressing (by any means necessary) the voices of persons they do not agree with.


By the way, the same fanaticism applies to some local newspaper "dirty" journalist Frank Mickadeit from the OC Register, in my humble opinion.


Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

 @Mitchell_Young Oh, please. You'd be happy if your cop friends offed every Mexican in this world, innocent or not.


 @Rockmedia Dear Rockhead,

I've seen the so-called anti Minuteman Project zealots, like you, for example, and for the most part they are fascist idiots.


As a fascist idiot, of course, a delusional Rockhead would say otherwise.


Sorry to make light of your moniker, but it's really hard to take a fascist idiot seriously.


Just my opinion.  :)


The Minuteman Project

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

 @jimgilchrist Jim: Don't forget that this was done with the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, which you yourself now deem bigots!

18usc241 topcommenter

 @jimgilchrist If we are to remain a civilized society, Orange County law enforcement cannot not find it funny to:


1. Conspire to harass and intimidate in violation of 18USC241 

2. Conspire to hire criminal confidential informants to damage the targets property

and violate the persons privacy 

3. Conspire to screw up the Hispanic Americans Colombian's wife's LEGAL immigration process. Yes you read that correctly: LEGAL immigaration process.

4. Conspire to deliberately defame the target in order to cover up the racist trailer trash

5. And when all else fails, conspire to commit murder against said target, 

6. And have the criminal arrogance to think they are the "good guys". 


The weather is quite lovely here though. 


 @jimgilchrist  and boringly unoriginal.   Some day you might realize no one takes you seriously, but my bet is it won't be anytime soon.


Gustavo, don't be so complimentary to CCIR.  


In my opinion, the California Coalition for Immigration Reform crowd are worse than bigots.  


The Minuteman Project disassociated itself from CCIR back in 2006 due to my conclusion that it's actions and attitudes were incompatible with the mission of the Minuteman Project.


However, CCIR still has a cult following, albeit withering.  Some of them still seem to stalk me when I show up at court for ongoing legal proceedings which have lasted six years now.


Gustavo, you should be elated at the infighting saga among immigration activist groups whose mutual destruction has allowed victory for your side of the debate over illegal immigration. 


Furthermore, law enforcement would have provided you with the same free speech protection it provided the Minuteman Project. You should be grateful to them for that. 


As far as the actions of law enforcement agencies in Garden Grove on the night of May 25, 2005 I still contend they did nothing wrong.  Law enforcement actions on that night were reasonable, necessary, and reaffirmed that free speech "for all" has precedent over fanatical haters who tried to suppress free speech that night.


I have never encountered a cop who has ever deprived me of my civil rights.  But, I have encountered hundreds of thugs, on both sides of the debate over illegal immigration, who have done so.


I give the benefit of any doubt to law enforcement, not to mean street protesters.


Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project 




 @18usc241 Sounds like you hate cops.  Or, do you just hate people in general?



Jim Gilchrist

18usc241 topcommenter

 @jimgilchrist So sir,  Just so you can see this from my perspective: 


I air a grievance concerning Orange County, CA law enforcement.


You adopt a position of incredulity regarding my accusations and side with the group that caused me harm. 


You finish by adding an insult when my comment wasn't even directed to you.  


I then do a Google look up on your name. Besides noticing an impressive resume, I notice that you are a Vietnam war decorated Marine. 


I remember as a kid in the 1970's (NYC), my Hispanic parents helping homeless people with food, clothing and money (some of them Vietnam war veterans and of those some of them white men). You remember that right Jim, when our fellow countrymen treated them like shit after they came back from Vietnam. 


So Jim, you sided with the people who used my parent's property tax money here in Garden Grove, CA to harm their son; the same two parents who cared for your men while most New Yorker's just walked over them like they didn't exist.  


And all you knew about me is that I'm an Hispanic male. 


So you can understand why I might be a bit skeptical of you as well, correct?

18usc241 topcommenter

 @jimgilchrist My dad was the Puerto Rican version of Mr. Rogers and my Ecuadorian mother used to tell me that she loved this country more than her own country of Ecuador (in between feeding the homeless war veteran bums on the streets of NYC). So it is genetically impossible for this fella to hate others.


However, anyone (no matter the color or occupation) who demonstrates a lower set of ethical standards than Bernard Madoff ... well yes I have a problem with that especially when I become the victim of it. Since most people are not sociopaths, I feel comfortable in expressing my position. 

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