Sean Wheeler and Zander Schloss

Detroit Bar

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Detroit Bar

843 W. 19th St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Category: Music Venues

Region: Costa Mesa

Put the punk rock in the cowboy hat—or maybe just boots and a bandolier—and you got the revved-up Americana of the Hillgrass Bluebilly organization, who take two genres, three chords and the truth and end up with a bunch of bands bouncing around between the Gun Club and Hasil Adkins. Tonight, it’s headliners Sean Wheeler (of the much-loved Throwrag) and Zander Schloss (of basically every band and also from Repo Man) doing Tom Waits-meets-Roky Erickson doom roots along with guy-girl duo Crushed Out doing ’56 rock ‘n’ roll with ’76 style. (So if you ever thought a New York Dolls song romantic, you best believe you’ll be in L-U-V.) Also on deck are fearsome twosome Restavrant, who play homebuilt drums with backwoods aplomb. A night for people who like to double-fist their music and their drinks both.
Sat., Nov. 17, 9 p.m., 2012