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400 E. Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832

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Region: Fullerton

"Fake it till you make it." These six little words have been sound advice for generations of aspiring business professionals and gold-digging social climbers everywhere. In the acting world, faking it is a given. But when those doing the faking go off script, then the faking becomes the hilarious and often unpredictable art of improv. For those who think their unscripted abilities are the best around, the Orange County Improv Cup is the place to test your chops. This two-day shortform improv tournament randomly assigns contestants onto groups with other players, requiring people to entertain as a team in order to succeed. Who is talented enough at the art of bullshit to carry a team of untalented assholes and gold diggers across the finish line? Come see for yourself!
Fri., Nov. 16, 5:30 p.m., 2012
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Haha! I get it. It's ironic, because you start the entire story off with "Fake it till you make it." Then you proceed to fake being a journalist for the rest of the article. Well I'd like to provide some helpful tips to help you "make it" as a writer: First off- The art of 'imrpov' is the art of 'improvisational comedy.' A form of performance art, consisting of the abilities to create an entire scene/story in the moment. Skills needed to accomplish a successful improvised scene include (but not limited to): Listening; in order to justify and direct, lines and actions given in a scene, to create the story arch. Quick wit; to fallow through and build ideas and choices made in the scene, in order to entertain the audience. Teamwork; To work together, endowing the scene with choices as well as endowing each other with choices for their characters. And with Nerve; to go on stage, with absolutely no time to plan anything ahead, and put their talent (as well as their flaws) on display, in front of a live audience (sometimes consisting of horrible writers whom plan on going home to write about the show they know very little about, in which this audience writer implies to strangers that the players of the shows are "assholes"). Because these players perform live, means they can't do things such as, write a piece of unresearched, halfass dribble, and get to edit it down to a point, all awhile hiding behind the safety their computer screen, so they can continue cluelessly spouting out poorly guided views on entertainment. So if you want the definition of bullshit, reread your article, before mindlessly using it to sum up a talent you can't comprehend. IMPROV! Secondly- Yes, there are a verity of participants, consisting of different levels of experience as well as levels of talent. Especially when it comes to ANY kind of match, where anyone and everyone is encouraged to join, in order to encourage the idea of community amongst people with a similar passion. So sometimes stronger, experience and/or more talented players have to be more relied upon, in such competitive events, to help weaker players in their games. LIKE ANY OTHER TEAM EVENT (COMPETITION OR OTHERWISE)! Last- Some of the players are assholes. (I'm a prime example). But most are amazing people. Talented, gutsy, smart and fun. Some are egotistical and maybe even shallow. But it didn't matter your talent level, your attitude, your ego. It was a bunch of people, getting together to do something they loved. Performing for an audience whole loved watching them do it, WHILE raising money for an amazing charity. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. It's obvious that you wrote this with a biased view. Something must have happened to you or a friend where you felt injustice was bestowed. (At least I hope that was your reason, otherwise your writing was due to your unprofessional ability to look into your assignment and study what you were supposed to write about.) You wrote a very back handed cover of this amazing event. Through your sheer stupidity, you inadvertently told people to not participate in something fun, exciting, entertaining and which also benefits a camp for dying children. I hope you can reflect and chose to be a better person in the future. Now had you of actually written constructive critique in which you viewed the show, I would understand, and hope we could sway your mind. But all you said was 'we were assholes, performing bullshit.' You never proved we were 'assholes performing bullshit.' I was actually constructive. I showed evidence to you being an 'asshole writing bullshit.' Leave you personal vendetta at home. PS Would anyone be interested in writing about my new investment? "Bleach coated Toilet Paper; Cleans and whitens"


Those "gold diggers" and "untalented assholes" made an astounding amount of money for charity participating in "the art of bullshit."  


Perhaps if this article wasn't so acidic and bitter, maybe that would have been mentioned. Great journalism.