Larry Agran's Great Irvine Election Robbery

[Moxley Confidential] Yet more evidence emerges in the Democrat's Republican-vote-splitting caper

Wouldn't it be oddly coincidental if Gilliard, like Strader, was a close Probolsky pal? Let's search Google to see what pops up. . . . The website for Probolsky's consulting firm contains a testimonial from Gilliard: "We work with Probolsky Research on some of our toughest campaigns, and we win."

Also, CHA used Direct Marketing Inc. (DMI) of Orange to print the pro-Agran, anti-Choi messages. Erik Brown, a self-styled Christian conservative and longtime party activist with ties to the Orange County Young Republicans, owns DMI. He is the man who infamously submitted a 2010 expense to the Republican National Committee for a $2,000 bill from a gay-run, sadomasochistic-themed West Hollywood nightclub. Funny how Brown, like Strader and Gilliard, also happens to be a Probolsky buddy.

Of course, Republicans plotting with Agran would be meaningless if someone didn't step forward to pay the costs of the sabotage mailers. Two out-of-town businesses contributed $55,000 in recent weeks, according to disclosure reports. Both companies are gambling operations—Casino 580 LLC in Los Angeles and San Bruno's Artichoke Joe's Casino, which was raided last year as part of a bust of a loan-sharking ring.

Adam Probolsky: Agran waterboy
Meranda Carter
Adam Probolsky: Agran waterboy


In the wake of my prior published revelations about her ties to Strader and Probolsky—a paid advocate for gaming expansion efforts in the state—Daigle has appeared publicly incredulous that anyone would dare question her campaign. She wants us to suspend reality and, whatever we do, not ponder this question:

Why would Dennis J. Sammut—the owner of Artichoke Joe's seven hours away and a contributor to liberal politicians such as Diane Feinstein, John Burton, Don Perata, Jackie Speier, Bill Lockyer and Antonio Villaraigosa—spend so much money for an unknown rookie OC Republican candidate with no chance of winning?

Maybe the party labels are meaningless because in Irvine, money—lots of money—is up for grabs for anyone who joins Team Agran.

This column appeared in print as "The Great Irvine Election Robbery of 2012: Larry Agran is hoping a flood of tainted money and bizarre alliances keep him in power."

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when did you guys sell out to Clear Channel?  or Mitt or Karl Rove?


Larry Agran has contributed a tremendous amount to the community over a very long time. 


I am infuriated by these spurious remarks against a personal friend.



The latest hit mailer I received as a registered republican that was "pro-Daigle" (i.e. pro-Agran in actuality) was paid for by the "OC Victory Fund".  Another hit mailer that was simply "anti-Choi", was also paid by the OC Victory Fund. Follow the money:


Because, you know, despite their undying support of Agran, they had an altruistic moment and just reeeeally felt like throwing money at Daigle and her very real candidacy. Yup. 


Dan will ignore this and go on supporting whomever pays him (or buys him a Sour Apple at Memphis).


It doesn't matter much, nobody takes those guys seriously anyway.


Who owns this rag now?  Oh, the Voice people.  Ruining one rag at a time, I see.  


Good afternoon, everyone but Scott -- I pick apart this story with delicacy and joy at this link:


Before going there, ask yourself: what actual facts has Moxley presented that actually tie Agran or his actual agents to any wrongdoing, to the extent that there was any actual wrongdoing?


If it's not obvious to you, read the critique to see why the answer is "none -- and WHAT 'actual wrongdoing'?"  If it *is* obvious to you, read the critique anyway, just for the fun of it.


Or maybe Choi is just a very weak candidate who barely even bothers to show up.

ltpar topcommenter

Dynamite piece Scott, I can just see the wheels turning in Spinmaster Dan Chmielewski's head on how to counter and deny this revelation.  Excellent research on you part and I wish you had done the Agran Housekeeper story in such a fashion.  Keep up the great work and perhaps the voters might just tune in reality this election. 

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

 @GregDiamond Media analysis from Greg Diamond is like thoughtful liberal commentary from the OC Register. Hey, Greg: don't you have a political campaign to run?





Dan and Chris are busy scrubbing thier website of any mention of thier fictional invention "Joe Hill", after being exposed on the Voice Of OC as being a fraud!


In a most familar to Gustavo's friend Matt Cunningham/Jubal, Chris and Dan would write articles under the handle Joe hill and then commend and support them as themselves in the comment section. It's no surprise that Joe's favorite subject were anti-Costa Mesa government and pro OCEA.


Curious how Dan sue's a guy over a website, but when confronted with his lie, and caught red handed, "Joe Hill" announces his retirement. These two hollow logs are so full of shit it's funny.


You have one thing right though: Dan is to Agran what Matt is to Lewis: HIS BITCH!

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