OC's Scariest People 2012!

Child molesters, Shaheen Sadeghi, serial killers, Dana Rohrabacher and so many more!

During the Aug. 7 meeting of the Fullerton City Council, dozens of residents who had never once complained about the brutal beating death of Kelly Thomas flooded the council chambers. Clad in identical blue T-shirts reading, "We [Heart] Fullerton Police," they gushed, one by one, about how wonderful the department was, even though the police department had terrorized residents for decades. Joining the charade were councilman Doug Chafee (who donned one of the T-shirts) and Mayor Sharon Quirk Silva. And while form-fitting T-shirts look great on buxom young ladies, wouldn't you know that no one in this group fit that description. Mitigating factor: The T-shirts will provide comfort to the city's poor once these idiots donate them to Goodwill.

The Coptic cleric insulted Muhammad and Islam so nastily in his native Egypt during the 1990s that he was eventually exiled. So where did Zakaria Botros Henein decide to move? Orange County! Henein reportedly influenced the makers of the amateurish Innocence of Muslims film that sparked worldwide protests, plus he runs Westminster-based Alfady Christian TV, through which he continues to trash Islam. Mitigating factor: The film brought together leaders of OC's Muslim and Coptic communities to foster better relations.        

Ditch Day, class photo, epic prank, sneaking in vodka to Grad Nite at Disneyland—the traditions of high-school seniors are legion. For the graduating classes of the Anaheim Hills school for the past couple of years, their ritual was a day on which everyone dressed as Mexicans—or rather the spoiled-brat version of what they think are "Mexicans." Guys dressed as gang members and wore mustaches and sombreros; girls pushed strollers and dressed as cholas. Confronted with their latent bigotry, Canyon High School students defended their actions with the usual YOLO excuses until chastened school officials vowed future seniors would have to take a Chicano Studies class, a punishment that ensures no Comanche will ever do this again. Mitigating factor: Most of these students are heading to community college anyway, where they'll have to explain their actions to real-life Mexicans.

Victor Joseph Espinoza
Joe Simko
Victor Joseph Espinoza
Dana Rohrabacher
Joe Simko
Dana Rohrabacher

It takes a special kind of scary to exploit the killing of an unarmed man, but that's the type of creep James Robert Reade is. Shortly after the death-by-cop of Manuel Angel Diaz, the trailer-park resident bought a web domain using Diaz's full name so he could post photos of one of the Weekly's female interns. Even creepier is his treatment of Diaz's grieving mother, Genevieve Huizar. During an Anaheim City Council meeting in which she addressed council members, Reade shouted, "You're a terrible mother," then quickly headed for the exit as the crowd booed loudly. His obsession with Diaz and Huizar is so pathetic that Reade remains the only person in this rag's history to be banned from commenting on our blogs—and we allow neo-Nazis, pedophile apologists, even Republicans. Mitigating Factor: He would make a great Travis Bickle in a community-theater production of Taxi Driver.

When local law enforcement wants to see its backslapping press releases turned directly into alleged real journalism, it turns to Orange County Register columnist David Whiting. To Whiting—a man we christened the new "Bootlicker" after former columnist Gordon Dillow retired—men in uniform never do anything wrong; if they did, it's okay because they always have good intentions. It's a mindset that allows Whiting to strenuously defend cops who ganged up to beat to death an unarmed, tiny homeless man in Fullerton. It's a mindset that causes Whiting to answer critics of regular excessive force in our jails by parachuting in, spending a couple of hours with deputies, then report with enthusiasm that he saw no unnecessary violence, so it must not happen. Mitigating factor: Whiting's lisp is somewhat sexy.

By day, Dr. Jose F. Moreno is an Anaheim City School District board member, a Long Beach State professor who helps to run a dual-immersion language program in Anaheim elementary schools and chairs longtime Latino civic group Los Amigos; in his off time, he's trying to position himself as OC's Great Brown Father. Moreno is the lead plaintiff in an ACLU-filed lawsuit trying to force ward elections for Anaheim council races by crying lack of diversity; the lawsuit is so ahistorical and riddled with errors it comes off as the self-serving springboard it is for Moreno to run for a seat in 2014. When city residents yearned for stirring oration during its long, hot summer, Moreno instead delivered a boring mix of academic jargon and yaktivist gobbledygook. And woe to those who stand in his way: Moreno led a push to stop Weekly Mexican In Chief Gustavo Arellano from delivering a speech at a Chapman University education conference (Gustavo's alma mater and where he's currently a lecturer), claiming he had badmouthed Los Amigos. Conference organizers refused, showing how little power Moreno actually has. Mitigating factor: He has a good head of hair, which is required for all aspiring race hustlers.

It is one of America's premier quarter-horse racing tracks—and Los Alamitos Race Course was allegedly where the fearsome Zetas drug cartel operated for years. Federal authorities say the Zetas laundered money through a company called Tremor Enterprises run by the brother of the cartel's second-in-command; he ran horses with such unassuming names as El Sicario ("The Assassin"), Mr. Ease Cartel (which won a Los Al race as recently as this summer), Number One Cartel and Forty Force, Zeta-40 being the nickname of the mastermind behind the scheme. Mitigating factor: [Censored because we all want to keep our heads.]

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