OC's Scariest People 2012!

Child molesters, Shaheen Sadeghi, serial killers, Dana Rohrabacher and so many more!

One trait we love in the loony congressman is his willingness to continually rewrite history. This year, Orange County's senior career politician claimed on Twitter that he never once supported President George W. Bush's decision to invade Iraq. We opened our 13 file drawers on Dana Rohrabacher (including one on his, um, special Mexican and Afghanistan vacation trips) and found he'd vocally backed Bush's decision in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. He'd even ridiculously predicted the Iraqis would forever treat Americans as welcome conquerors because they wanted their country to become a capitalistic democracy. Mitigating factor: The 12-term congressman uses sock-puppet identities to write bitter comments on Weekly articles online about his lies.

We've been as bored as the next kid in high-school science labs, but some Sailors not only photographed themselves playing with pieces of cut-up cats from dissection assignments, but they also posted them on Facebook with jokey comments. The school-board president bowed to the pressure last week, the nonprofit group says. Mitigating factor: At least the teacher figured out a way to get kids to come to class.

We first wrote about the loudmouthed Tustin councilman a few years ago when he repeatedly interrupted and mocked then-councilwoman Deborah Gavello (a bank consultant) for having the temerity to question the city's investment portfolio. But that was polite behavior compared to the assholery Jerry Amante demonstrated when he demanded the resignation of Brandman University professor Fred Smoller in the wake of a report his students presented on salaries of public officials in Southern California. The Orange County grand jury wrote he committed "malfeasance in office" by pressuring Brandman to get rid of Smoller. Didn't matter: Four days after the grand jury's report, a Republican political consulting firm hired Amante. Mitigating Factor: Smoller was secretly working for the Partnership, a cabal of ketchup providers, merchants, outdated camera-film purveyors and sausage makers that secretly controls Orange County government. Just ask Steve Rocco.

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Albert Pujols
#19 This guy!
#19 This guy!

This time last year, Nadia Maria Lockyer was an up-and-coming politician with a bright future. The former Santa Ana Unified School District trustee was an Alameda County supervisor married to State Treasurer Bill Lockyer. Then came meth. At an addiction-recovery center, Lockyer—Nadia, that is—began an affair with a fellow addict. He made a tape of them having sex, and the next thing you know, police are showing up at a hotel room where she has just gotten into a fight with the guy. She claims he attacked her; the guy denies it. He tells reporters about the sex tape and mails a copy of it to Mr. Lockyer, and a copy ends up on the web. Nadia tries to keep the marriage and the job, but she loses both within a few months. Then she returns to Orange County with her young child and promptly gets arrested for having a meth pipe in the house. Goodbye, governor's mansion; hello, Real Housewives of Theo Lacy. Mitigating Factor: She's still kinda cute.

Back in October 1982, Pedro Pimentel Rios and several dozen other Kaibiles—the ruthless Guatemalan special forces that committed numerous atrocities in that country's civil war—surrounded a tiny jungle hamlet named Dos Erres, raped the girls and women, then systematically murdered everyone, including small children. A few days later, Rios left Guatemala to teach at the U.S. Army School of the Americas in Panama, whose list of graduates reads as though it's of Satan's cabana boys. Eventually, Rios made his way to Santa Ana and worked quietly in a factory until la migra sent his ass back to Guatemala for trial. Earlier this year, a judge sentenced him to a symbolic term of 6,000 years, roughly a life sentence for each innocent villager Rios helped to murder. Mitigating Factor: At least he's not a Mexican.

He billed himself as a Seal Beach realtor who specialized in buying properties going through foreclosure, then flipping them at a profit. He convinced investors—particularly the elderly, unsuspecting kind—to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars for such ventures. Problem is, according to Orange County district attorney's office prosecutors, John Wesley Martynec never used the cash to purchase any houses, giving his unfortunate investors phony records to cover his tracks. When they asked where their returns were, Martynec allegedly stopped taking their calls. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to fraud and awaits sentencing, but that scam was nothing compared to what got Martynec arrested again this summer: a $1.8 million scheme in which he used identity theft to create phony tenants who supposedly had to be paid to vacate properties being foreclosed on, using the cash to finance lavish renovations to his home and expensive vacations in Hawaii. Mitigating Factor: Feel the aloha, bitches!

A high-school faculty adviser who didn't want a certain candidate winning an Associated Student Body (ASB) seat rigged the results to deny victory to said student. If you've heard that one before, you've either seen Alexander Payne's movie Election or heard about last winter's controversy at Troy High School in Fullerton, where teacher Jenny Redmond pulled a Mr. McAllister, only her target was not Tracy Flick, but Ryan Daliwal, who embarrassed Troy administrators and was eventually reinstated as the rightful ASB president. Mitigating factor: Redmond was forced to step down as student-government adviser, but she was allowed to teach special-education classes on campus. Union, yes!

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