Dial M for Moron

[Hey, You!] Your neighbor's hitting her kid? That's not 'Hey, You' material . . .

Box Brown


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You are the stupendously stupid person who wrote to the Weekly to complain about your neighbor, who is obviously engaging in both physical and emotional abuse toward her child (Hey, You, "Mommie Dearest," July 26). All you could think to do was rant to the Weekly? Really? Why are you and your lazy neighbors sitting on your fat asses doing NOTHING to protect this child? Sorry, but that makes YOU the lowlife bitches who can't even get off the couch to pick up a phone and actually DO something to help this child. If you have ANY regard for children, you will pick up the phone and call Child Protective Services immediately. You can do this anonymously and will not be pressed for your identity. The number is (714) 940-1000 or (800) 207-4464. 'Nuff said.