Anaheim's Political Circus

PETA-Ringling Bros. war spills into Anaheim council chambers, where a circus-animal ban is proposed

At the council meeting, which included no testimony from Feld officials because they had no idea Galloway's proposal was coming, the councilwoman swore her ordinance would not kill the circus, pointing to successful Circus Vargas and Cirque du Soleil shows that use no exotic animals.

"I think Ringling Bros. could do the same," Galloway said. "They need to acclimate the same way. Children think 'circus,' and they still want to come, whether elephants are in the show or not."

Asked whether Ringling Bros. could still fill the Honda Center without performing elephants, Payne essentially answered that it's a moot question.

And now, the obligatory PETA parade . . .
Courtesy PETA
And now, the obligatory PETA parade . . .

"We're not going to find out because elephants have been part of the entire history of Ringling Bros.," he said. "It's the No. 1 reason people go to our shows. Get rid of the elephants? Never!"

This article appeared in print as "Political Circus: PETA-vs.-Ringling Bros. war spills into Anaheim council chambers, where a circus-animal ban is proposed."

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Wow! talk about biased journalism.... you forgot to mention Anaheim near killed Sarah as she collapsed last year with REPEAT VIOLATIONS OF THE ANIMAL WELFARE ACT JUST ONE MONTH BEFORE.... Her Uterus was Necrotic and she was dying from the inside out and ANAHEIM WORKED HER ALL WEEK ANYWAY!...... Feld will soon be hearing From the California State Attorney General because is sale and lies ARE FRAUD UNDER CALIFORNIA STATUTES.... Ringling Bros. Circus is the U.S. Largest Convicted Federal Cruelty Criminal in History.... Convicted by the Government and the USDA!... 27 counts of FEDERAL TORTURE to animals in which SEVERAL ARE DEAD!.... You have no conscience writing this completely non factual  fluff ... You are keeping these animals from getting the help they need... So how many Endangered Wild Animals in the future will suffer for O.C. Weekly!!   4 out 9 Elephants here in 2012 ARE INFECTED WITH MUTATED MEDICAL RESISTANT TUBERCULOSIS IN WHICH VACCINES HAVE ZERO PROTECTIVE VALUE!...  So since I handed the City Council Ringlings Experimental Tuberculosis Treatment study for their Conservation Center that is under Quarantine by the State of Florida, Anaheim will be looking into the Reality of Serious Danger to the public in which Florida have already found Ringling doing by moving Quarantined infected elephants before... Their new calf "PIPER" is born 2 TUBERCULOSIS HUMAN CONTAGIOUS MEDICAL RESISTENT INFECTED PARENTS WHO ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE FLORIDA RINGLING HOME... Pretend all you want this is Animal Rights.. I'm a Republican who believes Animal Torture sold under Fraud is still a crime because it Violates FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.... ORANGE COUNTY REPUBLICANS DON'T NEED TO SELL ANIMAL TORTURE FOR BUSINESS... AND O.C. WEEKLY IS SUPPORTING CRIMINALS WITH BIASED JOURNALISM....IF YOU MESS UP THE UPCOMING SERIOUS HEALTH WARNING ON RINGLING TUBERCULOSIS... OC. WEEKLY WILL BE TALKING TO THE SEC... BECAUSE CDC IS COMING TO ANAHEIM!  --  How long will O.C. Weekly defraud the public of federal torture while lying about CDC Contagious Disease that will kill Orange County Children... THAT IS THE QUESTION ORANGE COUNTY PATRONS AND TAX PAYERS WILL BE WATCHING TO FIND OUT


I do NOT support a ban on exotic animals but I do support a ban on exotic gangbangers in Anaheim! James Robert Reade


 @JamesRobertReade of course you don't... because you are INHUMANE and don't care about anyone in Orange County such as our Children who could catch resistant TB and die.... Funny that Ireland is banning the whole nation's use of wild animals and most of Europe have banned the use of wild animals.... while Ethical Americans are stuck with you who. is excelling in  ignorance and disrespect for their own Federal Laws so they can watch an elephant stand on its head.... You are tragic... it's true, the masses are a--es but thank goodness Americans don't have to rely on you becaue we haveLegislation already introduced by Feld's own Congressman for a National Ban on wild animals...Ethical Humane Americans will let FEDERAL LAWS AND THE CDC  clean up Ringling's Animal Torture and Serious threat he posses to Orange County children's Lives so he can profit from Criminal FRAUD , TORTURE , AND DEADLY DISEASE... IT DOES NOT GET ANY LOWER ANYWHERE ON EARTH....Ringling is THE BIGGEST BIOHAZARD ON EARTH-- you have no argument except for what YOU WANT JamesRobertReade-- You feel entitled to Endangered animal torture and Deadly threat to Orange County Families... Your mother must be proud.. However the entire WORLD DISAGREES with your Blatent disrespect for our Nation's Federal Laws and Americans


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