Batman Live!

Honda Center

First it was the Ice Capades, featuring former Olympians, then Holiday on Ice with themes such as Aladdin and Disney Princesses—now, the frosty floors have been chucked and replaced by monster LED screens and pyrotechnic extravaganzas. Enter Batman, the dark knight of revenge and sending clownish super villains to ruin, where he tackles the trash via a Cirque de Soleil world of live stunts and rope-play in an evening of visual crack sure to thrill the kiddies. Don’t worry about the story—they never do—because just like the movies, it’s all about how big the explosion is to keep audiences tuned-in. Really big, obviously—and, hey, it’s live! No CGI fakery here, and for that we give this 12 million dollar, 42-cast member incarnation of the DC underworld a few Smash! Blam! Bang! props.
Sept. 5-9, 2012
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