Prince Edward Maryland Is Sorry

He nearly beat his wife to death, but the Ironwood State Prison resident wants you to donate to his anti-domestic-violence charity

Walsvick, who recorded in department records that the beating was the "most severe" he'd seen in his career, interrupted Prince talking about himself. "We just showed you probably the most horrific photo of a woman who has been almost beaten to death, and you didn't even bat an eye," he observed.

Prince, who learned to box during one of his half-dozen prior prison trips, had an explanation. He called Valerie a manipulator who was lucky to have him in her life. "The way she looks right now is perfect," he said. "She can tell everybody anything, and they'll feel sorry for her."

At first, he tried to argue that he caused Valerie's wounds while defending himself from her violent attacks on him, but he quickly abandoned that excuse for a more preposterous one. "The reason she's like that [seriously injured and in intensive care at the hospital] is because she asked me to do that to her," said Maryland, who claims his half-brother is ex-Dallas Cowboy star Russell Maryland. "She asked me to fuck her up."

The victim's arm
The victim's arm
Maryland claimed he beat his wife in self-defense after she attacked him, but this post-arrest photo shows not a single scratch
Maryland claimed he beat his wife in self-defense after she attacked him, but this post-arrest photo shows not a single scratch

He said his attacks had been requested, and he reluctantly provided foreplay. "After all that, we had sex, and she came in a way she had never come before," he said. "She is sick. She's into kinky sex practices."

* * *

According to numerous law-enforcement records, Maryland has experience trying to talk his way out of trouble:

• In 1986, at the age of 21, he pummeled the face of a 15-year-old girl named Stacy.

• In 1988, he ran out of a bar to savagely beat a man hailing a taxi, and then punched a woman in the face who tried to assist the victim.

• In 1989, he used a knife to cut a girlfriend named Sherry, threatened to kill her and shattered her front teeth after accusing her of cheating.

• Later that same year, he showed up at the home of a girlfriend named Charlene to punch and kick her.

• In 1995, while homeless, he moved in with an employed woman named Mary. During a five-month period, he repeatedly beat her to the point of unconsciousness and demanded she have sex with his friends. He also broke her nose, wrist and multiple ribs.

In response to a police question about Maryland's mindset, she told this revealing story: "I have a fear of spiders, so Mr. Maryland would catch one in a jar, dump it on the floor next to me and scare it to move in my direction. If I moved away, he hit me and threatened to kill me."

Before she got him sent to prison for domestic violence, he handcuffed her to a railing in her home and shoved a large, Scotch bottle into her vagina. "There is no form of torture that he will not use," she told police. "He will do whatever it takes to make a person submit to his total control. He takes a sick, perverse pleasure in violating women. . . . I was fortunate to escape alive."

It's unknown if violence destroyed his first marriage in 1984 to Tanja, a German national he met while stationed overseas as an army medic. The couple had a baby boy, and he brought them back to this country after his military discharge. But she soon divorced him and returned home.

In 1999, while on parole from a four-year prison trip for beating Mary, Maryland met Jennifer, who would become his second wife. He admitted to her that he was a male go-go dancer and gigolo who could "satisfy a woman like she's never been satisfied before," according to court records.

At first, he exuded charm, Jennifer recalled in statement written for Vancouver police in 2001. "He wrote his own wedding vows and read them to me during the ceremony," wrote Jennifer, who had children from a prior marriage. "The things he said to me in those vows were things I had waited my whole life to hear coming from a man's lips."

Within weeks, however, Maryland convinced Jennifer's half-sister to start a telephone sex line and a massage business that paid him 80 percent of the profits. He told the woman "to do everything she possibly could to satisfy [men] sexually," and he taught her "how to string men along to keep them coming back and spending money."

Maryland soon began beating Jennifer and her kids. While quoting biblical scriptures and smoking crack cocaine, he frequently tied her up and demanded violent sex that involved choking and involuntary sodomy. She discovered that he used fake names—Eric Stryker and Madison Harris—for his own secret, male-escort endeavors. On one occasion, he forced her to have sex with him at a hotel in front of an out-of-town gay businessman who paid to watch. He believed women were to be "submissive" and do "whatever" he wanted, she told police.

With chilling, crystal-ball foresight, she also outlined Maryland's m.o. four years before the crack-induced attacks on Valerie. "He informed me that he gets women high on crack cocaine, and then makes them talk," she told police investigators after one of her own beatings. "He said this is the only way he can get women to be honest with him. Through this process of questioning them, he can find out if they are honest enough to have the pleasure of being with him. . . . He is highly capable of mind control over innocent people, and he is also very sly when it comes to making money and committing fraud."

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