Anaheim's 'Outside Agitators'?

The revolution will have to start without the residents at the riots' epicenter

"We're Communists, so everywhere we go, people are wrestling with what we have to say," he says. "People got attacked, and one person is murdered in this neighborhood, and now they want to fight back; they want to come up with solutions. So we talk about alternatives to the broken system we live in."

But residents interviewed by the Weekly were not happy with those outsiders trying to convert them to their views. "I was fine with them at first, but they took it too far," Mariano Macedo says of the groups, such as RCP, who were "swooping in." "They kept saying to us, 'So let's meet up again and talk more,' and I was like, 'Nah, it's cool.' I'd just end up questioning their motives and asking things they don't like."

The protests have simmered all over the city, which has led the Anna Drive neighborhood to become more guarded as it mourns Diaz. A resident who asked to be identified as Eddie says he embraced the protests against police brutality and the groups trying to help, but he complains that the media attention in response deprives residents of privacy during a difficult time.

BAMN, you're gone!
Amber Stephens
BAMN, you're gone!

"The media is patrolling us now just as much as the cops," he says, pointing to four news vans parked nearby. "We don't have much else to say; I think we've already gotten our point across: We want justice. But we want respect, too."

This article appeared in print as "The Revolution Will Not Be Tolerated: Just how numerous—or welcome—are Anaheim's 'Outside Agitators'?"

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