Do the Reggae: Hollywood Zion

Five days of reggae royalty, mixing it up onscreen

Jimmy Cliff in 'The Harder They Come'
Jimmy Cliff in 'The Harder They Come'

With glimpses into studio recording sessions, sound system parties and pressing plants, Rockers follows the production and distribution of music through Kingston as the circulation of blood through a body—and taking in Do the Reggae's program as a whole, one develops a feeling for a real community. Horsemouth performs with a tourist club-band fronted by none other than Inner Circle's Jacob Miller. Jack Ruby, the producer with whom Horsemouth haggles, can also be seen twiddling the knobs at a sound system party in Deep Roots Music's "Ranking Sounds." Marley's "Nappy Dreads" can be seen live in Heartland Reggae, then heard in Land of Look Behind on the speakers of the Swing-A-Ling Mobile Record Shop, whose proprietor eulogizes Marley. Jamaica is, one senses, just a small island after all—which makes its fecundity all the more remarkable.

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