Mommie Dearest

[Hey, You!] Someone call Child Protective Services

Box Brown


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To my neighbor who screams at her 18-month-old baby: You are a bitch. I hear you yelling at him every day. I thought I'd peek to see why you sound as though you're in my front yard (for the fourth day in a row), and I see you kick his shoulder (with your foot) and get into his face and scream, "NO!" for a good 30 seconds. You do this every day; you just scream at him. What could he possibly be doing that requires you to start screaming at him at around 8 a.m.? You don't deserve to be a mother. You are a low-life bitch who can't get off her ass to hug her child. I see you try to act normal when talking to other neighbors, but I know they all hear you, too. You suck as a mother, and I hope he grows up to hate you.

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Why didn't you call Social Services after you witnessed her kicking her son's shoulder with her foot.  Shame on you for doing nothing.

BillxT topcommenter

Call Child Protective Services NOW, this woman is in imminent danger of hurting that child.


so contact social services.