Hell al Dente

[Hey, You] Maybe you should read 'God's word' before you try to hand it out

Box Brown


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To the passionate evangelist who was passing out pamphlets with "God's word" at First Saturday in Santa Ana, you might try lightening up a little; it just may help your message of "love." When you refused our effort to return the pamphlet to you, and then my wife tore it up while looking around for a trash can (didn't want to litter), you went ballistic. You tried to describe exactly how the lake of hell fire awaiting us would feel: "Imagine a big pot of boiling water, like when you cook pasta, and you stick your hand down into it." When I replied how ugly and violent your beliefs sounded, you told me, "I am telling you this out of love for you." When my friend who had just walked up said, "Dude, Jesus is dead," your REALLY scary friend suddenly appeared and things almost got out of hand. But that's another story. . . . We did a lot of stuff that night, saw some friends, enjoyed some nice food and drinks, and had a lot of fun, but what sticks in our minds is the ugliness we experienced with you.

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When people die many times it is said "he,she is in a better place" How do you know? maybe the rat basterd was molesting kids before he met you or was wacking your sister. "At least he died doing what he loved" What about the time from impact until the time he actually expired? What about the fear and pain experienced before the paramedics arrived? BTW, I was told you wake up before you die in your sleep. At least you get one more chance to fear death.

Bill T.
Bill T.

It must be satisfying to have such confidence in your infalibility to be able to predict where everyone that doesn't have the same beliefs as you are going. I suspect over-compensation on top of a large helping of hysteria.