Dish Network and a Federal Judge Are Dishing It Out

[Moxley Confidential] Little Saigon's Tan Minh Nguyen heatedly pursued for alleged satellite-broadcasting piracy

"This is very stressful to me," Nguyen says. "I believe in this country and that you work for what you get. This is the lesson I always tell my two boys: Work hard, don't take government handouts, and you will succeed here."

The entire case against him is based on a demonstrably false assumption, Nguyen says. "If I were a pirate selling access codes, wouldn't I be making money from it?" he asked. "Where's the money? They can't find any because there isn't any."

Nguyen has confidence in juries. In 2001, police arrested him on six felony counts of grand theft. If he had been convicted, he likely would have landed in a California prison. But an Orange County jury found him not guilty of every charge in what turned out to be nothing more than a dispute with a bitter, ex-business partner.

Patrick O'Connor


"I tried to tell the prosecutor I wasn't guilty, but he didn't listen," he recalls. "He kept coming after me."

In his current legal mess, Nguyen says, he told Dish Network lawyers they are destroying an innocent man's life. "They don't care," he says, sighing heavily. "They said I am stealing their satellite signal."

Even if he's on the wrong side of Selna, Nguyen believes a future federal jury will be fair.

"They will see this is Goliath against the little guy," he says. "And I hope they will let me get on with my life."

This column appeared in print as "Dishing It Out: Dish Network and a federal judge heatedly pursue a Little Saigon man for alleged satellite-broadcasting piracy."

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Curious that he doesn't have a government appointed attorney to represent him. If its just a civil case then one wouldn't be appointed but he wouldn't face any jail time either. If jail is involved he's supposed to have a court appointed attorney.And of course then there's this.To back up his point, he cited Dish Network's complaint against him. The company's experts claim they joined Nguyen's site earlier this year, found more than 30 suspicious messages, and then used internal methods to determine that they provided satellite-access codes that circumvented detection systems.

Send Flowers
Send Flowers

who cracks the multibillion-dollar corporation's satellite-broadcasting security codes and illegally shares the information with 175,000 members of his Little Saigon-based international website.


This will probably end up like the RIAA lawsuits of yester-years... end up settling for a few thousand. Dish Network suing this guy for $300K+ is riddiculous. However, this guy claiming that he didn't know what was posted on his site is utter hogwash. That's why 95% (self made-up statistic) of people visit FTA forum sites - to get codes and firmware updates, even general instructions, on how to de-crypt and steal Dish Network programming. Boo hoo - you break the law, you pay the price. At least this guy isn't being threatened with jail time.


Sadly another example of all too typical corporate thuggery. Good luck Mr. Nguyen.

Lifecore Fitness
Lifecore Fitness

No, I am not trying to upset the judge," Nguyen says. "Nobody told me to be in court. If they had, I would have been there."