Patton Oswalt

Irvine Improv

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Irvine Improv

71 Fortune Drive, Ste. 841
Irvine, CA 92618

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Region: Irvine

Born with a face primed for comedy, Patton Oswalt derives a good portion of his hilarity from his hangdog appearance.  But he's no slouch when it comes to bringing the yucks—a seasoned writer and actor, he sports a keen intellect on stage. Though he demonstrated impressive dramatic range in the indie film Big Fan, he expertly delivers laughs with a uniquely bitter edge. Interesting fun fact: Oswalt formed the Comedians of Comedy tour, the first of its kind featured at Coachella. Before you see his stand up act this week, check out his performance as villain Jeff Spoder in the feature length version of Reno 911!, where he delivers one of the movie's funniest lines before dispatching co-star Paul Rudd: "No immunity to bullets!"
Mon., June 18; Tue., June 19, 2012