The Billionaires' Club Gets a Visit From Mitt Romney

Dropping by for campaign funds, the Republican candidate inspires equal loathing from Occupiers and Tea Partiers

But with the upcoming elections, both groups seem to determined to oppose the two-party system in November. "When Obama comes back to the area for a fund-raiser, I will be out there, too," said Stein. "Romney and Obama are two wings of the same bird. It's the same ugly people; it's the same ugly system on both sides."

About an hour into the protest, after most reporters had departed the scene, several of the Occupiers, including Larsen, ventured over to the Tea Party crowd in an effort to spark a dialogue that might bridge the gap between the two movements. "It's interesting to think a politician such as Ron Paul, whom I strongly disagree with on domestic and economic issues, can also be so on the mark with foreign policy and citizen-rights issues," Larsen said.

"We're all pissed off at Romney," he continued. "I guess the fact both us and the Ron Paul guys are out here is not a good sign for him, now is it?"

Mucking up Mariner's Mile
Kevin Lara
Mucking up Mariner's Mile

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This article appeared in print as "The Billionaire's Club: Mitt Romney fund-raiser in Newport Beach brings equal loathing from Occupiers and Tea Partiers."

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