Bordering On Revolution

[Crossing the Line] A hostile Supreme Court. A feckless Obama administration. America's war on Mexicans has gone too far

There was a common warning in her home: "Beware of the blue-eyes."

Alonzo says her family and their friends feared deportation, even after they were living here legally. "They didn't want to draw attention to themselves."

That's done and gone.

If Luche Libre wrestlers are against SB 1070, so should you be!
William Westfall
If Luche Libre wrestlers are against SB 1070, so should you be!

In Arizona, thousands have taken to the streets in protest against SB 1070. Abuelitas are joined by kids without papers. Together, they commit civil disobedience and force arrests.

The Supreme Court doesn't grasp that its decision is not the final word on the subject.

Media everywhere erupted with the recent news that whites now account for a minority of births in America for the first time. Latinos have the highest fertility rate and are already the largest minority.

"If [reform] doesn't happen as part of a revolution," says Alonzo, "the sheer numbers will eventually force change."

See that little roly-poly, hija rock & rolly, wearing pull-ups, sporting earrings and sitting on her mama's lap?

She is your future.

Michael Lacey is the executive editor of Village Voice Media, parent company of OC Weekly. In a 2010 essay, he wrote, "My hand to Mexicans, and my fist to crackers"—the official editorial policy of your favorite rag.

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