Arizona Senate Bill 1070's Days of Rage

[Crossing the Line] The U.S. Supreme Court and President Barack Obama leave the undocumented and their allies no choice but to escalate civil disobedience

Today in America, one in four Latino voters knows someone in deportation proceedings.

The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court don't care.

What else can be concluded from their questions and comments during oral arguments over Senate Bill 1070, Arizona's notorious stab at ethnic cleansing?

And Latinos shouldn't expect any succor from our Deporter In Chief, President Barack Obama. Recently, Obama told a Univision reporter he hoped to tackle comprehensive immigration reform in the first year of his second term. He made that same promise in 2008 for the first year of his first term. It didn't happen.

Instead, four years of Obama has meant 1.5 million individuals deported, more than were sent home by his Republican predecessor in eight years.

It's time for a ride back to the 1950s in the souped-up DeLorean. Instead of blacks relegated to second-class status, it will be browns.

If the Supreme Court rules as many predict and upholds SB 1070, anyone who even resembles a Latino in states adopting similar statutes better get used to the third degree.

* * *

The president has the power to halt all deportations by executive fiat. A recent letter to Obama signed by 90 immigration-law professors detailed how he could legally do this on behalf of students who would benefit from proposed DREAM Act legislation.

But our prevaricating POTUS will not issue any such executive order. He doesn't need to, politically.

Meanwhile, the president's chief rival, Mitt Romney, has signed off on "self-deportation," the equivalent to SB 1070's stated intent of "attrition through enforcement."

Though generous with the lip service, Obama doesn't have to care. With Romney as the alternative, Latinos have no choice but to vote for him.

Indeed, Obama's immigration polices look like a fulfillment of Operation Endgame, a notorious (and supposedly defunct) plan hatched post-9/11 by Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Office of Detention and Removal, setting as its "golden measure of success" the removal of "all removable aliens" by 2012.

We're off by a few years, but the goal remains the same. Another term for Obama means four more years of massive deportations, as well as all the family disruption, human tragedy and unjust incarceration that accompanies them.

So if later this month the Supreme Court heads in the direction it seems to be heading, the question for immigrants and their advocates and allies becomes: How do we make the political establishment care?

The answer? By making it pay through disruption, rebellion and resistance.

That combination of anger and action was building to a crescendo throughout 2010. But U.S. District Court Judge Susan R. Bolton's injunction against the most offensive parts of SB 1070 on July 28 of that year hit the pause button.

On July 29, because groups inside and outside Arizona had mobilized and organized for the day SB 1070 was scheduled to go into effect, massive civil disobedience created public chaos. Scores were arrested and jailed for taking over streets, disobeying police orders and locking their arms together in PVC pipe, a move known as the "sleeping dragon." Leading up to that day had been numerous acts of protest and demonstration: marches, rallies, students chaining themselves to the Arizona Capitol building, as well as acts of defiance organized by smaller groups.

Perhaps the boldest action was taken by six activists who occupied the U.S. Border Patrol's offices at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson. In a sleeping dragon, with U-shaped bicycle locks joining their necks, the activists refused to move, leaving Border Patrol officers helpless to respond.

For pro-immigrant activist Alex Soto, a member of the Tohono O'odham Nation and member of the hip-hop duo Shining Soul, the action was a means of striking back at an enemy that effectively occupies O'odham land, where Border Patrol vehicles are as common as cactus. "They're already escalating," Soto says of the increased militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border. "I understand the necessity [of working for change by registering more Latino voters, for instance]. On the other hand, anger is not bad."

SB 1070 is just one way immigrants are criminalized, Soto says. The Border Patrol he rails against operates in 100-mile swaths of what the American Civil Liberties Union refers to as "constitution-free zones," extending out from the border. Within these zones, it sets up checkpoints, operates unmanned drones and patrols public transportation, subjecting non-whites to constant heightened scrutiny.

Then there's ICE, part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (as is the Border Patrol). The agency administers the government's Orwellian Secure Communities program, which operates in jails nationwide and is supposed to check the immigration status of all those booked. But Latinos are run through at higher rates than non-Latinos. So far, 3,600 American citizens have been wrongly arrested through the program.

ICE has begun to phase out its 287(g) program, which cross-deputizes local law enforcement as federal immigration agents. None other than infamous Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio once maintained the largest 287(g) force in the nation. Ironically, it was with this force that Arpaio wreaked terror on Latino communities in the Phoenix metropolitan area through immigrant-hunting sweeps utilizing racial-profiling tactics that, in turn, led to Arpaio's 287(g) contract getting discontinued.

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Jon Stokes
Jon Stokes

"Today in America, one in four Latino voters knows someone in deportation proceedings." Tell me, how does someone end up in "deportation proceedings"? Oh, yes, that's BREAKING THE LAW. Quit insulting your readers by rehashing the old bumper-sticker buzzwords in a transparent attempt to make them feel sorry for criminals. Yes, we have sympathy for their families, just as we have sympathy for the families of anyone else whose disrespect for the law creates a hardship for them. But that doesn't mean the law itself is wrong. It means breaking the law is a bad idea.

No Dream Act 4 U
No Dream Act 4 U

How does mexico treat C.A. immigrants without papers? Yeah we know. So shut your FUCKING PIE HOLE PANCHO!!!


One comment made is that "browns" will be made 2nd class. Not "browns", undocumented "browns".


If someone wants to come to this country there is a legal way to do it. I don't care if your family is starving and you need to come where there are more jobs, you still have to follow the law.


obama,s policy to flood arizona with illegals so he can get votes...while the state is buried in debt from the illegal demanding services, which they should never have due to illegal entry...and the anchor babies that women from down south try so hard to get, so then they can steal benifits from the state, due to their illegal activity....they know that when they sneek into arizona...also , the illegals steal jobs, i work at a nursing facility in phoenix, i know at least 5 illegals there , taking jobs from those unemployed...that is not right


The crazy thing about all of this? MEXICO is rich in undeveloped Oil Fields...with many rich natural resources, but like this country, they don't utilize this gift. If Mexico developed even a quarter of their own natural resources? Mexicans wouldn't need to cross the border for work.

Armando Cedillo
Armando Cedillo

The repatriation of alien intruders to their homelands is the right and duty of every nation to its respective citizenry. Right now, the United States is in a perilous stage of its history - we are over-populated and quite unable to provided jobs for huge swaths of our citizenry. Our cities are denser and more congested than ever and yet media and political elites willfully disregard the wants and needs of the citizens. The upsides of illegal immigrants (cheap, docile labor) are outweighed by their negative impact upon our society. It is time for them to go.


illegal is illegal..............turn it around and look what Mexico's immigration rules are for being illegal in Mexico instead of the US. You would be locked up and never let out or fined to death.... Immigrants live 10 times better here than illegally than legally in their own country (and not only Mexico) why wouldn't they want to stay.