Stupid, Crazy Driver

[Hey, You!] Beware the dueling douchebag of Ortega Highway

Box Brown


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You were the brainless jerk driving a gray sports car on Ortega Highway early the other morning. You kept flashing your high beams at me to get out of your way. I don't know why you think 55 mph is too slow, or why you didn't just pull around me, since there were two lanes to choose from. Twice, you had the opportunity to do so, but you just stayed there, bugging me with your lights. Finally, you passed me, and then, at the next intersection, when the light turned green, you didn't move until it turned red, at which point, you sped through the intersection, almost crashing into cars. I don't know how someone as crazy as you is even allowed to drive, especially along Ortega Highway, which is dangerous. I hope that when you eventually cause an accident, you are the only person injured because you are looking for trouble, and only you should suffer for your actions. You are a stupid, crazy driver.

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When someone flashes their high beams at you on Ortega Highway you pull over into one of the multiple turnouts provided. The signs clearly state, slower traffic use turnouts. Don't be rude, don't be indignant, just follow the clearly posted traffic signs and get out of the way.


sorry. don't feel sorry for you. the passing lane is just that- for passing. you are not a cop and it isnt up to you to enforce the road laws. get the hell out of the lane you dont belong in and you wont have to deal with (equally) crazy drivers. you are just as insane as the idiot who pulled that stunt.


And the license plate number was what? IF you report these incidents to the CHP they will keep an eye out for this clown during their patrols. Had a truck during my morning commute acting crazy, soon afterwards it was all taken care of.

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