Wildlife Rescue

Disvovery Science Center

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Discovery Cube Orange County

2500 N. Main St.
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Category: Museums

Region: Santa Ana

The Discovery Science Center has flipped its script and is offering an exhibit geared toward the practically-minded science enthusiast. This time, they're not dissecting the brain of Mr. Potato Head or explaining the science of Spongebob. Instead, the "Wildlife Rescue" exhibit explores the efforts of those who capture, raise and release endangered species back into the wild. Featuring videos covering elephant and orangutan rescue and the disasters that threaten wildlife, kids can check out x-ray machinery and other diagnostic equipment. Imagine that: a straight-forward exhibit that hopefully helps youngsters decide if they want to put their lives, as well as their hearts, on the line for the future of the planet.
May 26-Sept. 3, 2012