Tom Fuentes Is Burning in Hell

And other recent revelations from the world of pedophile-priest protectors in the Diocese of Orange

The worst that can be said about him is the truth: He helped to protect pedophile priests.

Fuentes served as communications director for the Orange diocese from 1977 to 1989, a time that just happened to coincide with multiple pedophile priests roaming the county's pews and raping children left and right. Did he alert the authorities or press when his superiors whisked away Eleuterio Ramos (the most prolific pedophile priest in OC history) to Tijuana after raping one boy too many? Nope. Did Fuentes alert the authorities or press when he was assigned pedo-priest Jerome Henson to work under him? Nope. Did Fuentes ever criticize the bishops who employed him, the hierarchy that helped to support him, for actively thwarting law enforcement? Ha!

Of course, mainstream media obits wholly ignored Fuentes' role, as did the multiple hosannas thrown Fuentes' way by his conservative contemporaries. But, remember: He helped to protect pedophile priests and never owned up to it. The most Fuentes would ever say on the subject was to his ultimate apologist, Orange County Register columnist Frank Mickadeit, in a 2005 column: "I believe what was going on on the secular campuses in the 1970s led to the liberal influences in the seminaries of that era, and that set the tone for crisis in the Church in the 1990s. . . . If I allow myself, I can become physically ill thinking about it."

Nice: Blame the liberals, even though it was Fuentes' conservative-as-fuck bosses who covered up the rapes of innocents, and even though most of the rapes in the Orange diocese happened during his time.

Hey, Tom, hope you get a spot in hell next to your former boss McFarland, as the two of you pedo-priest-protecting pendejos deserve each other. Heckuva job, Brownie!

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Sounds to me like Gustavo Arellano was molested as a child - possibly a Catholic priest; or he just simply likes to stir the pot to get better ratings; either way, his insulting approach minimizes the real issue: children being molested by person's with authority and how their activity was hidden or down played when it should have been addressed. Everyone, in my opinion is to blame: from the higher echelon within the Vatican, to parents that entrust their children to these priests (how in the heck do children find themselves alone in settings with sick persons that end up hurting them? Parents need to own up to their responsibility and be there for their children at all times) - now, let me qualify that by saying that I also understand it is almost nearly impossible to do just that in CA where both parents need to be working to survive in this economy - but, it still does not take away their responsibility and the fact that they should trust no one but themselves with their children. Having that mentality will at least encourage the parents to better prepare their children so that they do not fall victims of these predators. I am glad that Arellano and the Weekly shed light on the issue but do not support the snobbish I-know-more-than-you attitude that Arellano puts across in his writings. And, if indeed he was molested, I am sorry that it happened but hope that you can move on and seek the right help.