Brasserie Pascal Bids a Foie Farewell

Get Pascal Olhats' legendary foie gras dinner (but skip the dessert) before it's banned

Take a pass on the scallop dish, which has foie gras inflecting a pan sauce in such undetectable bits that it might as well have not been there at all. The distraction couldn't save the dish on the night I visited. The scallops were woefully overcooked, and the risotto puddles on which it sat tasted lifeless. The better main course was the tournedos Rossini, which featured a filet mignon topped with thin-sliced foie gras that it didn't necessarily need either, but at least both proteins went well with the red-wine reduction, a syrupy concentrate that does the work of a thousand knives in cutting through the decadence.

What disappointed me most about the meal wasn't the food; it was the service. It has slipped precipitously since the last time I reviewed the restaurant. Our entire meal—an appetizer, two main courses and two desserts—took more than two hours to complete on a not-entirely busy night. Our order wasn't taken until 20 minutes after we sat down; the food didn't arrive for another 25 minutes after that. The bread pudding was completely forgotten until I gently reminded our server of it. Her reaction wasn't an apology, but rather, "Oh, my gawd." And when the check came, I was charged separately for that awful dessert when it should've been part of the prix fixe price. Our server blamed the computer for the error. The morning after, I exchanged notes with a co-worker who went to Brasserie Pascal two nights prior. His experience was similar (the servers forgot his soufflé).

As I reflect on that first bite of foie so many years ago, and now that the window for it is seemingly coming to a close, I realize I have it to thank for another first: the first time I logged a complaint with the manager.

Eat it before it's illegal
Johannes Dewald
Eat it before it's illegal
Pictures of bloated geese not included
Johannes Dewald
Pictures of bloated geese not included

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Brasserie Pascal

327 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Category: Restaurant > European

Region: Newport Beach


Brasserie Pascal, Open for lunch, Mon.-Sat., 11:30 a.m.-5 p.m.; brunch, Sun., 11 a.m.-3 p.m.; dinner, Mon.-Wed., 5-9 p.m.; Thurs.-Sat., 5-10 p.m.; Sun., 5-8:30 p.m. Foie gras three-course menu, $55, food only; à la carte available. Full bar.

This review appeared in print as "A Foie Farewell: Get Pascal Olhats' legendary foie gras dinner (but skip the dessert) at Brasserie Pascal before it's banned."

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It's amazing how just a few idiot PETA folks can take away a food item that has been enjoyed for centuries! Personally I have only had it a couple of times - It was good, but not high on my list. But why if YOU don't like something must YOU take it away from others. Afterall, do these morons know these duck and geese ARE RAISED FOR FOOD and would be eaten one way or another anyway? Do they know that most meat is "fattened" up prior to slaughter? That is why we have prime and Wagyu beef! I liken these dummies to the same people who do not want gays to get married. That is to say, whether or not I eat fois gras or some gay couple gets married, just how does that effect them? It doesn't!If you don't like it - don't eat it! That simple

Leon Czolgosz
Leon Czolgosz

PETA are also the dimwits who want to keep dogfighting illegal. Don't they realize that those dogs are raised for fighting and are going to die one way or another anyway? How does dogfighting affect those morons? If those dummies don't like it, they shouldn't watch it, but don't take dogfighting away from the rest of us. Right, LifeInOC? Right?


Because Dude... The hippies are all for diversity and tolerance unless you disagree with them... and if they think something is bad they will work tirelessly to ensure no one can enjoy it! This is just the first step... ban on Foie, Ban on Veal farming, next will be ban on wild game, then meat in general. But look at the bright side if they get their way we'll all be too effing stoned to realize that our soy steak inst really beef.