Flying Biker

[Hey, You!] What's your hood doing on my head?

Box Brown


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This is to the nice person who hit me on my bike at 11 p.m. on April 25 at the intersection of Mayfair and Maplewood in Orange. It was raining, and you ran the stop sign and veered straight for me, hitting me dead-center. My body slammed on top of your car, and then you slammed on the brakes, which threw me off and left my head bouncing on the street. When I finally managed to sit up and turn your way, you sped off like a big chicken. You didn't slow down until the end of the block. Meanwhile, I was dragging my wrecked bike on the sidewalk toward home. Finally, you came back around to make sure I wasn't lying in the street dead. Hey, thanks for the concern. Karma is a bitch to people like you. Oh, and yes, I'm still in pain.

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I hope you exchanged information, and reported this to the authorities, otherwise, karma or not, nothing will happen or change.

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