Chris McAmis' Chilling Confession of Lynsie Ekelund's Murder

Tapes reveal a portrait of a cowardly killer

McAmis took a quick breath and, after a decade of lies, finally confessed to killing Ekelund. It all happened, he said, because she would have gotten in trouble had she gone home late. She insisted on spending the night at his Whittier apartment and sleeping in his bed. McAmis said he tried to kiss her, but she elbowed him in the chest.

Scorned, he went to the kitchen and began gulping vodka. He returned to his room, where Ekelund pretended to sleep. "I pulled her pants down and tried to put my penis inside her," he said. She grabbed the phone and threatened to call the police, he recalled, then slammed the receiver across his face.

"Being drunk, it enraged me," McAmis told police. "It set me on fire. I grabbed her, threw her onto my bed, got her into a headlock. I just thought she was going to pass out, and I ended up killing her."

Police believe McAmis may have kept Ekelund's corpse, which stiffened with rigor mortis, in his apartment for up to two days. Eventually, he wrapped her in a green blanket, carried her down the stairs of his second-floor unit and loaded her into the extended cab of his pickup. He told police he bumped her head as he hurriedly put her in the vehicle. At the Santa Clarita construction site, he dug her grave using a skip loader; then, after driving his truck into the meadow, he unloaded and dumped her body into the hole during his lunch break.

Until his arrest two years ago, McAmis occasionally granted interviews. In 2003, he met with documentary filmmakers about Ekelund's disappearance. Sitting on a couch next to ex-girlfriend Kwan, he maintained his innocence. The 40-minute segment never aired, but just before the sound cuts out, a cheerful Kwan came chillingly close to describing the actual murder.

"There's so many people abducted," she insisted. "You say they're missing. But they could be raped and buried in a mountain. How the hell could anyone find them?"


This article appeared in print as "Chris, Portrait of a Cowardly Killer: With Lynsie Ekelund's confessed murderer now behind bars, police unveil his chilling confession."

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Great job on the article Brandon. Keep after the Ask a Mexican guy to give you big story assignments!

Hal Jalikakik
Hal Jalikakik 1 Like

Back in 2002 would've been an ideal time for waterboarding this creep also - false information leading to another round of this "torture" until the victim's body was found. Would've saved 8 years and hopefully some heartache for the victim's family.

Dw90066 1 Like

Poor Lynsie.

Kwan sounds like a real cunt.

WIsh McAmis all the worst. Fucking momster.

Jeff Lenney
Jeff Lenney 1 Like

It's a Shame he's only getting 15 to life - AND he's Eligible for Parole after serving just 12 3/4 years too which is total BS. I've heard of people committing THEFT getting a heavier sentence than this - but hey...that's our justice system for ya!

R. J. Steelworth
R. J. Steelworth 1 Like

This is why we have a death penalty and should continue to have a death penalty that is actually used. For animals like this.


@R. J. Steelworth your fucking right . this piece of shit is my cousin. he ruined to many lives to ever get out of prison. hope he does the right thing and hang himself