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[Hey, You!] Drunk driver seeks exposure

Box Brown


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I was pulled over for a DUI on Sunday. I wasn't given my Miranda rights.  I am not sure how they confirmed I was under the influence; the officers didn't ask me to breathe into anything. They gave me a physical sobriety test, and I passed. I was taken to the police department. I was never asked, "Do you want this or that?" Or, "Can we do this or that?" I'll be honest: I was completely blasted out of my mind. All I can think about is "Okay, so Lindsey Lohan gets all this exposure. Am I going to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars and not get any exposure?" I've retained counsel.

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Next time you go out driving, stick to Soda Pop and you won't have these problems!

Rayann Castro
Rayann Castro

"I'll be honest: I was completely blasted out of my mind."

-- um, this is probably how they confirmed it. Usually, when drunk people don't believe they are the drunk it is the sober people who can confirm it for you. Sounds like you had a good time though - cheers!

Reverend Ike
Reverend Ike

When the police asked you your name did you tell them Ralph when it's really Wanda? Was the front bumper of your car implanted into another vehicle,tree, or lawn ornament?Was there a body under your car and he wasn't changing your oil? Were you driving someone elses car?Were you holding a bottle of alcohol and offering the officers a sip? When they asked for your drivers license did you give them your WIC gold card? Did you tell the police the body in your trunk was not your neighbor? Even if you answered yes to all these questions ANY lawyer and 20 thousand dollars will get you before the judge to tell your story, the outcome? That may be difficult to to speak.

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