Mop Jock

[Hey, You!] Gym etiquette for meatheads

Box Brown


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You're the muscled meathead who went on a vicious verbal rampage at the hapless employee at our Costa Mesa gym because he accidentally swiped your foot with his mop while cleaning the men's locker room as you were shaving. Even though the guy was a full foot shorter than you, it looked as though he could still kick your ass every way to Sunday. He politely apologized, but you still went off on him. I'd lay off the steroids a bit, pal, and hope management doesn't ban you from returning. Your negative energy soured my entire workout. Thanks.

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Guy who shaves at the gym = loser. "Don't you people have homes?"


First off, the floor mopper should give space between the mop and someones foot. Piss, poop ,semen all on the floor, maybe blood droppings, the mop is a cesspool of filth and bacteria. Second, Mr. shaver seeing the mop coming his way should have been on alert.third, report mopper man to the manager, explain what happened and get on with life. If it ruined your workout you are thin skinned, man up.

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