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Tragically, there is no justice in Orange County, California . . . unless, of course, you are an insider to the civil and criminal RICO enterprise that the Orange County district attorney, OC sheriff and OC Board of Supervisors wholeheartedly support [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "Mike Carona's Excellent Big House Adventure," March 2]. Either you are in or you are an outcast.

This county will never be safe from evil political crimes until OC citizens clean house and rid the county's government, religious institutions and public/private schools of corrupt, self-serving, financially motivated individuals who preach Christianity, [when] in reality, behind closed doors, it is all about MONEY MONEY POWER POWER MONEY AND MORE POWER.

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Maybe it's time for a ballot measure to bar peace officers from collecting a pension when they are found guilty of felony crimes. And make that retroactive to affect former sheriff Mike Carona.

theroachsays, via ocweekly.com

I've studied in college the journalistic and population-manipulation methods used by Goebbels and the Third Reich. Josh Dulaney ["Spyentologist," Feb. 24] and his spaced-out artist mimic the Reich Minister of Propaganda in every detail.

Nazi papers painted Jews as insects. This trashy site paints Scientologists as being from outer space. These tactics are on display at the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance in its exhibits showing how violence against minorities has historically been precipitated by slimy media.

The museum shows that making the intended target seem "less than human" breaks down psychological barriers that mobs have to harming a minority. Violence and threats of violence against Scientologists and their churches have already occurred in Portland, Oregon, as well as many times in Los Angeles; Clearwater, Florida; and Germany. It's neatly rationalized because media make Scientologists "worthy of attack."

Nazi papers lied profusely about Jews and gypsies to incite mob anger. Violent fundamentalist Muslim media still do so. Similarly, OC Weekly twists the facts about Scientology's highly sensitive E-Meter, its life-saving ethics officers, the church's views of God, how families are revered—and, most important, Paulien Lombard's entertaining and purely fictional spy novel.

Educated journalists have an important role in society. But at OC Weekly's schoolyard version of name-calling media, that role has decayed into fomenting intolerance and hatred.

KeepOnLearning, via ocweekly.com

Unless I am misinterpreting your post, it seems you are saying that Scientology DOES revere family. I'm sorry, but because of personal experience, I must beg to differ. Several years ago, my husband spent several thousand dollars on the "New Basics" course.

Several months later, he informed me he was going to Los Angeles for a long weekend to visit the Scientology headquarters there. He called me from LA, sobbing and saying he would find a way to pursue Scientology and stay married, too. My blood ran cold as I wondered who would suggest that a man couldn't pursue a "religion" and keep his wife and family. In the course of just a few more months, we were divorced, and Scientology took every penny my husband (a man in his 60s) had, including retirement accounts, savings and pocket money.

He came back to me initially I think because he wouldn't [otherwise] be able to eat and keep a roof over his head. He went to work for his local org as part-time staff and also went to work for some Scientologist employers at a low wage. It really is true what I've heard, that if they get their hooks into you, they will take all your money, and then have you go to work for them because there seems no alternative. Eventually, he snapped out of it.

He needed to declare bankruptcy, and probably at this late stage of life, he will not recover financially. I watch him struggle every day to overcome the devastation wrought by his Scientology experience—financial ruin and the strain put on his relationships with the most important people in his life.

Scientology revering family? What a joke! After our experience, I have no trouble believing anything Scientology is accused of, and the stories I read ring true for me as I have lived it. This is the most disgusting organization on the planet.

ScamProof, via ocweekly.com

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Maria Granados2307
Maria Granados2307

A Santa Ana Detictive (Mitch Graves) who Slept with a Inmates girlfriend , just to optain information on the inmate's case. How many people has he done this too ? Was he ever on your court case ? This is injustice. A sleez bag like him should be off the force.


Dear KeepOnLearning,When you invoke Nazis, you admit that you have no valid arguments or facts on your side. Who is stopping you from practicing Scientology? Who? No one. Who is stopping you from taking your courses, reading your books, talking to anyone you wish? Who? No one.

By trying to compare yourselves with Jews and the whistle-blowers exposing Scientology's crimes with Nazis, you insult all Jews and make a mockery of the very real crimes of Nazis.

Practice Scientology. No one is doing ANYTHING to stop you. If you have any verifiable EVIDENCE that the whistle-blowers have their facts wrong, we all would love to see it. But your ad homenim attacks and false diversions to Nazis are NOT facts and are NOT true.

If you don't like whistle-blowers exposing your church's lies, crimes, abuse and fraud, then WHY DON'T YOU CLEAN UP YOUR CHURCH?


unfortunately he never got to sleep with her ..

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