Jennifer Tamara McClain Is a Prisoner of Love

[Moxley Confidential] Black sheriff's deputy arrested for having enthusiastic sexual affair with a white supremacist inmate in OC Jail

According to McHenry, an employee at Landmark Steakhouse repeatedly called him racist names on receipts for food and bar service. Those names included "McStinkyNigger," "McCottonwood" and "McNigShit."

After hearing of this, Mario Marovic, a partial owner of the restaurant, announced he would not tolerate any discrimination at his business and fired a bartender.

Nevertheless, McHenry filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit in March 2011, and earlier this month, on the verge of what would have been a sensational jury trial, both sides agreed to a settlement. The terms of the deal were not revealed in the court files.

Christopher Roger Brown
Christopher Roger Brown
Jennifer Tamara McClain
Jennifer Tamara McClain


We're guessing McHenry is McHappy nowadays. After he filed his lawsuit at the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana, his Los Angeles-based lawyers at Reed Smith LLP found 12 more examples of an employee mocking his race in other receipts. Cha-ching!

Plus, a U.S. District judge had overruled the restaurant's strenuous objection to allowing the plaintiff's lawyers from inspecting 167,000 receipts to see if there had a been a much wider pattern of racial discrimination. With the case now closed, we'll never officially know what those records might have revealed.

This column appeared in print as "Prisoner of Love: Black deputy arrested for having enthusiastic sexual affair with a white-supremacist inmate in OC Jail."

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